Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

Professional Mattress Cleaning in Melbourne:

Don’t let the bed bugs bite: Believe it or not, we spend almost a third of lives in bed sleeping and resting with bed mates such as dust mites, bacteria, viruses and even bed bugs. Avoid these unpleasant critters with regular, professional mattress cleaning from Jena’s Carpet Cleaning services.

We remove all unwanted, and potentially dangerous, bed mates completely to help you stay clean and safe while you sleep.

What Lives Deep Within Your Mattress:

If you think your mattress is clean and safe, think again. Dust mites and bed bugs make dangerous appearances in most beds across the country.

Mattress Cleaning ServicesCommon house dust mites live deep within our dark mattresses feeding off our dry skin cells. Dust mites live and populate in all stable areas of human environments. These tiny bugs leave behind seriously dangerous faecal matter which triggers serious allergy and asthmatic reactions. Recent studies show a high increase of bed bug infestations across Australia, especially in Melbourne.

Eliminate the tiny pests with our professional mattress cleaning treatment, at Jena’s Carpet Cleaning. We removes 100% of all unwanted bacterias and bed mates including dust mites, bed bugs, viruses and bacteria.

We use only non-toxic, green cleaning products and techniques to sanitise, clean and kill whatever lives on your mattress. These green cleaning products use natural ingredients that eliminate problems without risking your health—they even protect the health of the environment, too. Our highly-trained cleaners go deep into your mattress to remove all threats. They work diligently and quickly without harming the original quality of your mattress. Trust us to remove all pests completely.

When we finish our mattress cleaning treatment, we promise you a bug, allergen and dirt-free sleep.