5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Your Carpet Replaced

A little spillage or rip isn’t going to be detrimental to your carpets.

But over the years, your flooring will experience a lot of these small incidents.

Once these accidents add up, it’s hard to keep repairing carpets.

It’s easy for all these signs of heavy wear and tears to be ignored.

As we go about our carpets on a daily basis, the tear or matting may be uncomfortable at first but over time left forgotten.

There are plenty of companies who provide carpet cleaning. But if you think a deep clean isn’t going to be enough, check out these 5 signs that show your carpets are better of being replaced rather than restored. In any case, if you still need carpet repairs in Melbourne, we are at your service.

1. Stubborn Stains Everywhere

Accidental spills are normal. All sorts of food and chemicals can get on our carpets. While a few wine or coffee spots are harmless and can be easily taken care of if your carpet has too many stubborn stains, it’s time to get it replaced rather than restored.

Excessive stains can lead to harmful bacteria lingering in your carpet that could potentially result in mould and mildew building up under the carpet.

2. Tears And Rips

Rips and tears in caused by a lot of things.

Sharp objects, heavy foot traffic and large objects being dragged along carpets can cause a lot of damage over time.

Most tears and rips can be fixed by professionals, but if an area has large tears in prominent areas like the stairs or main walkaways, your home or office needs to be fitted with new carpet.

3. Buckling

From humidity, improper installation, incorrect underpads and more, buckling is a common issue in carpets that are hard to ignore.

Buckled or rippled carpets are more evident than other signs as it makes it awkward to walk over. If a majority of your carpet has buckled get it replaced by professionals so you can bring back comfort and coziness of your flooring.

4. Matting

Carpets are supposed to provide cushioning to your flooring that’s both comfortable and something. So when the fibres of your carpet have started matting, it’s time to start considering replacing it rather than repairing.

Once pushed down and matted the polyester fibres that carpets are made up of are near-impossible to restore, no matter how much it’s cleaned.

5. Potent Smells

There are a lot of lingering smells in the home or office. But one of the primary carriers of harmful odours is carpets. If there’s an unpleasant stench coming from your carpet, no matter how much you’ve cleaned and tried to freshen it up, it’s time to say goodbye.

A smelly carpet could mean mould growth which could cause future health problems if left unaddressed. Check out our mould removal service, in case this happens.

Whether you need to replace your carpets or are just after a reliable service for carpet cleaning in Melbourne, contact Jena’s today. We’ll help you find, fit and install new carpets for your home.