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Carpet Cleaning in Armadale

Not only do carpets make your room look lush and beautiful, but they also provide comfort to you. For flooring purposes, it is excellent if you buy good quality carpets. However, maintaining them can be tough if you do not hire professionals in the field of carpet cleaning. If you are using the carpet rigorously, then it is best for you to hire carpet cleaners every 6-18 months.

At Jena’s Carpet Cleaning, we provide all sorts of indoor layering cleaning services starting from carpet cleaning to tile and grout cleaning. We are a company in the Armadale suburb of South Melbourne that provides services all across Melbourne. If your carpet stains are stubborn, our technicians are even more dedicated, and they will make sure that tough stains are gone. You can call at 0433 448 208 and book an appointment with us. We will reach you within one hour max.

Why hire us for your carpet cleaning?

Here are a few reasons why you should be cleaning your carpets with the assistance of our experts:


Since carpets are used inside your house, there is no chance that you can prevent spillage of many things on your carpet. Starting from beverages, paint, food, dirt, ink, to stains made by pets, your carpet has to go through a lot. While there is no real prevention, we surely have a cure for you.

We can make sure that even the toughest of stains are removed effectively with detergents that are environmentally friendly too. This will leave you with shining carpets, which you will not be embarrassed to show in front of your guests.

Prevent problems

A lot of unwanted substances like allergens, dust particles can be trapped inside your carpets. They can get mixed up in the air inside your home and cause breathing issues. Vacuuming can only solve the problem partially. If you want total elimination of such contaminating substances, then it is best if you leave the job to our cleaners.

Removal of odour

Your carpet might be the home to bad smells, and they will refuse to go away no matter what room freshener you use. Homeowners with pets are often victims of these problems because of their pets urinating or defecating on the carpets. Our professionals have specially prepared formulas to deal with such strong odours and will solve your issues in no time.

Carpet longevity

Apart from leaving your carpets clean, our experts also make sure that they are sanitised inside out. This will let you sleep in peace, knowing that your family is safe from health hazards. Our tools used for cleaning are of a professional level and hence won’t harm your carpets. Your carpets will look clean while also not losing their durability.

Multiple services

Carpet cleaning is only one type of service that we can offer. A lot of other services like carpet repair, rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, fire and smoke restoration, structure drying, odour control, mould remediation, timber floor drying, water damage cleaning, wet carpet restoration, flood damage restoration, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, sewage cleaning, and anti-bacterial treatment, are also available at our company. You can find all the services under one single roof.

In carpet cleaning, we ensure your carpets are clean and sanitised and don’t have any stains and odours. In carpet repairs, our experts re-stretch your carpet and repair any patches within it, along with laying and re-installation of your carpet. We also restore wet carpets damaged from water or flood by drying them and removing mould from them.

Why just carpets, we at Jena’s Carpet Cleaning is also known for upholstery cleaning, wherein we clean your couch, sofa, lounge, and other furniture in your home with fabrics like cotton, linen, brocade, and tapestry.

In rug cleaning and drying, we remove bacteria build-up and stains from your rugs with repairs to the fabric and underlay. Tile and grout cleaning is one of our other specialities, wherein we clean your hard floors and tiles using acid or steam.

In mattress cleaning, we steam clean the mattress to remove dirt, unwanted pet hairs, dead skin flakes, mites, pests, and dust. We also help get rid of stains and marks on your mattress using a special detergent.

Carpet cleaning can be a significant investment for you. So, choose wisely and contact Carpet Cleaning Melbourne for the best carpet cleaning services in Armadale today!

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