Carpet Cleaning Service Rates: How Much Should You Budget?

Keeping your carpets at the topmost shape and germ-free you require best and professional carpet cleaners.

If you have cleaned your carpet several years ago then you have to pay some extra to get your carpets cleaned and sanitized thoroughly.

Here we are presenting you with some tips so that you are not overcharged or receive the poor quality of service.

  • Dirtier carpet costs you more: If you are not a regular customer then you have to pay more to carpet cleaners. For cleaning stubborn stains, spots and clean it from inside outside, you have to pay a bit more than the expected packages.
  • No Miracles- Low cost- compromise on quality: If you want to get your carpets and flooring clean at very low budget then you have to compromise on cleaning quality.
  • At any point of time, you won’t get compromised on the cleaning quality that is provided by Jena’s Carpet cleaning, one of the most trusted carpet cleaners in Melbourne. No added cost only customised cost that covers all your cleaning requirements.
  • Carpet Cleaning Cost range: Normally, the carpet cleaners provides a fix clean price per room or per carpet area covered. They charge you in range of 30$ to 50$ + and more depending on your carpet.
  • Take care and maintain your carpet: You need to make sure that carpets are cleaned on a regular basis and maintenance should be done on time. How we do that is by following some simple rules:
  • Ensure that carpets are cleaned before they start looking out of shade and dirty.
  • Make carpet cleaning schedules on regular intervals
  • Follow carpet maintenance plans
  • Carpet cleaning extras: There are some more extra services provides by carpet cleaners. Removing stains need some extra time and efforts to clean it entirely.
  • DIY Cleaning: You can also cut down some part of the cost from your cleaning budget by cleaning small things on your own. Taking up regular dusting, vacuuming of carpet will keep your carpet clean.

As we all are aware that carpets are most used part of your house and they should be cleaned and kept sanitised so that health issues will not bother you at any point in time.

Customer Reviews
Jena's Carpet Cleaning
Based on 140 reviews
I got my carpet repaired and steam cleaned today and it was a perfect job! The staff and Vic were very professional and polite. I would highly recommend this company. Thanks for the great job guys!!
Priscilla DeBattista
Priscilla DeBattista
11:08 08 Feb 20
Vic thank you for your efforts and outstanding work on my carpet cleaning and repairs. I highly recommend using Jena carpet cleaning services. Very professional and helpful operator! Thanks Vic
Dante Oriol
Dante Oriol
23:53 14 Nov 19
Very friendly and reasonably priced, carpet repair barely noticable and done on the same day!
Jade & Ben
Jade & Ben
02:27 31 Oct 19
I had to fix a carpet to get my bond back. I was a bit scared to give the job to anyone as my bond depended on it. Found couple of companies and got quotes from them, one was crazy expensive and another one very cheap (bit dodgy). Both companies with great rating and reviews on their very good looking websites. Then I found Jena's, we call the emergency number and Vic answer the phone. Next day he was repairing the carpet and it was an absolutely artistic job!!! He was very professional, quick, friendly and very good price.The real estate ask for his details as they were very impressed with their professional job. Thanks Vic, you are an artist!
Lilliana Sierra
Lilliana Sierra
03:03 16 May 19
Have tried another cleaner in Melbourne earlier and it was not up to the required standards. Vic was amazing and did a good job above my expectations. He has a wealth of knowledge and can clean multiple types of stains. Highly recommended.
Stephen Bennett
Stephen Bennett
14:23 15 Apr 19
We have just had our carpet cleaned through Jenas Carpet Cleaning. I must say they have done a fantastic job. The carpets looks fresh and cleaner than ever before. We recommend this company.
John Peterson
John Peterson
00:49 10 Apr 19
I got Vic from Google and he did an amazing job removing pet and wine stains from our carpet at a great price. My carpets now looks brand new. Thanks again, Vic.
Terry Lewis
Terry Lewis
00:52 02 Apr 19