The Advantages of Steam Cleaning

Are you looking for a professional cleaning service that can give your carpets and rugs a makeover?

Many people say they can make their floors look great just by vacuuming them, but even the most expensive vacuum can’t clean carpets and rugs as compared to a deep steam cleaning.

Carpet steam cleaning does more than just get the dirt up – it can also extend the life span of your carpets and help them maintain their quality longer.

Carpet can be worn down fairly easily, especially if it’s in a high traffic area such as a hallway or an entryway. By having your carpets professionally steam cleaned, you help keep the carpet in good condition.

Dirt and other grim can make carpet deteriorate, making it more fragile and susceptible to wear and tear.

Carpets are expensive, so why shouldn’t you want to maintain them? It’s worth investing in steam cleaning, especially if your carpet is new and you want to keep it looking great for years.

Of course, there’s more to steam cleaning than just maintaining the look of your carpet.

Steam cleaning can also help remove allergens and dust from the carpet, helping those with allergies breathe more easily.

Vacuums simply can’t get down deep into the carpet where these allergens can get caught.

Another good reason for steam cleaning: Melbourne can be very humid at times, and that can lead to mould and mildew growth. Steam cleaning can remove both of these dangers from your carpet.

A good carpet cleaning with steam does more than just get rid of the allergens. By making your carpet look amazing, the entire room will take on a shine.

The carpet is one of the focal points of the room, and even when there’s a lot of furniture on it, it still stands out. Carpet thats been professionally cleaned simply looks better than carpet that’s been vacuumed. It will help give the entire room an atmosphere of cleanliness, even if it’s the only thing that’s been recently cleaned.

You no longer have to buy many different carpet cleaners, stain removers, and carpet deodorisers. You don’t have to spend the time using them or vacuuming your carpet once or twice a week. The steam cleaning professionals take care of all of that for you, leaving you a beautifully steam cleaned carpet.

Customer Reviews
Jena's Carpet Cleaning
Based on 138 reviews
Vic thank you for your efforts and outstanding work on my carpet cleaning and repairs. I highly recommend using Jena carpet cleaning services. Very professional and helpful operator! Thanks Vic
Dante Oriol
Dante Oriol
23:53 14 Nov 19
Very friendly and reasonably priced, carpet repair barely noticable and done on the same day!
Jade & Ben
Jade & Ben
02:27 31 Oct 19
I had to fix a carpet to get my bond back. I was a bit scared to give the job to anyone as my bond depended on it. Found couple of companies and got quotes from them, one was crazy expensive and another one very cheap (bit dodgy). Both companies with great rating and reviews on their very good looking websites. Then I found Jena's, we call the emergency number and Vic answer the phone. Next day he was repairing the carpet and it was an absolutely artistic job!!! He was very professional, quick, friendly and very good price.The real estate ask for his details as they were very impressed with their professional job. Thanks Vic, you are an artist!
Lilliana Sierra
Lilliana Sierra
03:03 16 May 19
Have tried another cleaner in Melbourne earlier and it was not up to the required standards. Vic was amazing and did a good job above my expectations. He has a wealth of knowledge and can clean multiple types of stains. Highly recommended.
Stephen Bennett
Stephen Bennett
14:23 15 Apr 19
We have just had our carpet cleaned through Jenas Carpet Cleaning. I must say they have done a fantastic job. The carpets looks fresh and cleaner than ever before. We recommend this company.
John Peterson
John Peterson
00:49 10 Apr 19
I got Vic from Google and he did an amazing job removing pet and wine stains from our carpet at a great price. My carpets now looks brand new. Thanks again, Vic.
Terry Lewis
Terry Lewis
00:52 02 Apr 19