Granite Benchtops and Steam Cleaning: The Perfect Match

Granite bench tops are a brilliant luxury to have in the kitchen or bathroom area. Offering brilliant grain texture and an overall lustre that draws your attention to the surface, there is little wonder as to why they are so popular throughout Australia. Cleaning granite, however, can be quite hard if you are not armed with the necessary tools. On top of this, stains such as grease, food and even water stains can leave blemishes (temporarily, fortunately), which can ruin the look and feel of your granite bench tops.

In the same way that carpet steam cleaning rejuvenates the rich appeal of carpet surfaces, granite steam cleaning can provide you with the same, brilliantly polished finish to your kitchen benchtops. Below, we’ve listed three of the many reasons why steam cleaning your granite benchtops are a great idea, and how they can enhance the longevity of your granite surfaces.


The most distinctive characteristic of granite is that glossy sheen that seems to cover the surface, no matter how much light has been directed onto the benchtop. Steam cleaning granite brings back this natural sheen – which is often damaged from scratches or heavy use – and increases the life of your granite benchtops. Another problem that can compromise the lustre of your granite is hardened grease, being largely hard to see on granite’s traditionally darker backdrop. Steam cleaning can effectively and hygienically remove this grease build up, retaining your smooth surface.

Hygiene & Safety

As granite is a hard surface, it can be fairly easy to forget about the importance of regular cleaning, in regards to the hygienic quality of your kitchen. Untreated spills can harden on such surfaces, and could possibly pose numerous health problems should they be left there to cultivate. Steam cleaning the benchtops, due to the heat generated, effectively destroys any harmful particles, as well as completely removes the stain from the surface itself. It can also remove grease stains, minimising the possibility of slipping.


Another great aspect of a wonderful granite benchtop is its always polished appearance, and is one of the many reasons why it has endeared itself to many homeowners, especially in the contemporary age. Granite can lose this polish, however, without regular maintenance. Although there are granite polish products readily available, they can prove to be expensive. Steam cleaning will not only restore that organic polish, but it will also be a much more cost-effective alternative to buying bottles of granite polisher.

The Experts in Steam Cleaning

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Do you have granite benchtops at home? Ever had problems with maintaining that distinctive, granite look? Share your granite cleaning success stories below!

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