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Carpet Cleaning.

Attwood now has the cleanest and freshest carpets in town, thanks to Jena’s carpet cleaning and repair services. With 20 years of experience and expertise in clean carpet and their refurbishing, we are now Melbourne’s most sought after carpet experts.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning.

Carpet steam cleaning is an effective and convenient way of disinfecting Attwood’s wall to wall carpets and floors. It also removes the potential for the hazardous organic matter hidden under your feet, causing infection and allergies to your little ones and other family members. The carpet steaming and cleaning service is also ideal for vinyl or grout based flooring, keeping the longevity of these types of floors as high as possible, whilst also ensuring they look as good as new.
Get the fresh hygienic look and feel back into your homes and offices. Call us now.

Flood Restoration.

Restoration of carpets post flooding needs to be attended on an urgent basis. Carpet flooding happens due to broken or leaking water pipes, overflowing bathtubs and washbasins and faulty or overloaded washing machines, besides natural calamities If you are accidentally stuck in such a situation call us now on 1300 887 131.

Carpet Repair.

Carpet repair in Attwood is an option being adopted by a lot of commercial and residential establishments. An affordable procedure can help bring back the life of that old rug you were about to dispose of. We specialise in carpet repairs at affordable prices. Our carpet repair technicians are well equipped with safe chemicals and technologically advanced machines to target in the right spot. With our specialist approach, we will remove the stains without a trace left behind.

Rug Cleaning.

Clean rugs at doorsteps of Attwood home and offices keep the dust and allergens away. But how do you ensure that the rugs are cleaned too? Though DIY rug cleaning methods do help the suspended dust away, a thorough professional clean up ensures that any stubborn dirt and moulds forming under the shags and throws are also cleaned.

Upholstery Cleaning.

Give your upholstery a fresh facelift. Hire our unparalleled upholstery sanitization service and our effective cleansing of sofas, couches, curtains and drapes will amaze you with the results.

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