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Carpet Cleaning.

Gowanbrae homes and businesses now have access to Melbourne’s premium carpet carers in terms of upkeep and cleanliness. Jenas, in city’s reputed and fine carpet and floor cleaners and they now are offering their premium service in Gowanbrae.

Jenas comprises of a team of carpet specialists who are qualified by IICRC and SCRIA certified. We are on our toes 24/7, 7 days a week. Gowanbrae residents call us before 10 AM and book our services and we will be on the same day. We are on 1300 887 131. In a case of flooding and carpet restoration work call us immediately and our team will be head for your place as soon as possible.

Carpet Steam Cleaning.

Comprehensive carpet steam cleaning methods are effective in thorough clean up of carpets and mats by Gowanbrae residents. With 20 years of experience under our belt, we specialise in treating the tapestry and Persian throws with care and attention. Our process starts with power vacuum of the carpet to pull in the loose dirt. We follow this with treatment with liberally spraying eco-friendly solution mixed with warm water on the area. Once the chemical reacts with the stubborn marks, stains, molds and organic deposits the carpet is thoroughly wash with clean water using high-pressure jets. Finally, we comb the soft and fresh pile to its best look. With our advanced tools and techniques, you walk on dry and clean carpet in no time. Call us for a quick quote for this job.

Flood Restoration.

Carpet flooding is an accident which occurs in Gowanbrae premises unannounced. Broken leaking pipes, excessive dampness due to an incessant rain, natural calamities- all or any can lead to you seeking emergency help for carpet restoration work. Jena carpet restoration experts are available round the clock for your urgent call. Just pick the phone and call 1300 887 131.

Carpet Repair.

Get your old carpets repaired and save time, money and effort looking for a new one. We specialise in treating all fabrics and Persian flooring with utter care and attention. Also if your wall to wall tapestry have loose ends, marks, cuts and burns, call us to give that much-desired facelift to the floors

Rug Cleaning.

Get a local rug cleaning service to your old rugs getting discoloured due to dampness, wear and tear, spills and heavy traffic. Residents of Gowanbrae realise that a hygienic, neat rug creates a good impression and also keeps growing bacteria and mites away. Take your DIY method of rug cleaning to another level. Hire Jenas professionals to get the best results.

Upholstery Cleaning.

While upholstery enhances the interiors of our house, prompt dusting and upkeep are often ignored in Gowanbrae. Don’t let the soft furnishings turn into a sponge for dust mites and infection. Get rid of them and protect your family from regular allergies and sickness.

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