Comprehensive Carpet Steam Cleaning Hadfield by Jenas

Hadfield homes and business have the best carpet cleaning and repair service in town. Jena’s is Melbourne’s premium carpet carers in terms of upkeep and cleanliness. We have been offering our reputed carpet cleaning services to Melbourne and now they extending their services to Hadfield too.

At Jena’s, we are a team of passionate carpet cleaners and specialists who are qualified by IICRC and SCRIA certified and carry rich work experience under our belts. We are your local go to carpet tradesmen available 24/7, 7 days a week. Hadfield residents, call us before 10 AM and book our services and we will be on the same day. We are on 1300 887 131. In a case of flooding and carpet restoration work call us immediately and our team will with you as soon as possible.

Carpet Steam Cleaning.

Carpet steam cleaning is a comprehensive and stress-free solution to carpet pests, dust mites and stubborn spots and stains. We specialise in treating the tapestry and Persian throws with much care and thought. Our four step hassle free process gives you a fresh home and clean, fragrant carpets.
Step 1. Power vacuuming the carpet to pull in the loose dirt.
Step 2. A liberal spraying of eco-friendly solution mixed with warm water on the targeted floor.Wait for the solution to react with tough carpet dirt, moulds and stains.
Step 3. Jet vacuuming the dirty solution from below the pile, resulting in dry carpets.
Step 4. Combing the pile to its original fashion, giving you the cleanest flooring ready to use.
Call us for a quick quote for this job.

Flood Restoration.

Carpet flooding is an accident which happens in Hadfield and its surrounding areas unannounced. Broken or leaking pipes, excessive dampness due to the wet weather outside, overflowing sinks and bathtubs- all or any can lead to you seeking emergency help for carpet restoration work. Jena carpet restoration experts are available 24/7 for your urgent call. Just pick the phone and call 1300 887 131.

Carpet Repair.

Get your old carpets repaired and be wise in spending your time, money and effort looking for a new one. Get rid of the bubbles, waves in the flooring, avoid accidents waiting to happen. Call us to enquire about the carpet repair solutions we offer.

We specialise in treating all fabrics and Persian flooring with care and attention. Also if your wall to wall tapestry have loose ends, marks, cuts and burns, call us to give that much-desired facelift to the floors

Rug Cleaning.

Rugs, doormats bear the brunt of dirt, germs, organic waste and moisture sticking to them for the longest time. If left untreated for long, it becomes a safe house for infections and pests.

Upholstery Cleaning.

While sofas, couches, curtains, window dressings enhance the interiors of our house, prompt upkeep and maintenance may go unnoticed in Hadfield. Don’t let your furniture turn into a house of germs and infection for your family. A timely call and professional cleaning can protect your family from regular allergies and sickness.

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