Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Meadow Heights

Carpet Cleaning.

Meadow Heights now has a superior carpet cleaning service. Jenas is Melbourne’s carpet cleaning experts and provide complete solution to care and repair of your mats and upholstery.

In addition to this, we can also provide you with a host of our specifically tailored services for the general upkeep of your home. Contact us right away by calling our friendly staff on 1300 887 131, and enquire about what we can do to restore your indoor home design in its true beauty.

Carpet Steam Cleaning.

Steam cleaning the carpets is an effective method of deep cleansing the pile under your feet. Our step by step process of cleaning involves power vacuuming, treating them and the underlays with eco-friendly solutions. These solutions are proven to be hard of dirt and stains but soft on the fabric. We follow this up with jet vacuum suction which loosens the stubborn stains and pests. Call us to get a quote on steam cleaning on 1300 887 131.

Flood Restoration.

Damp wet floors are breeding grounds for infection and diseases. Hire our hasslefree carpet restoration work, post-floods and regain the dry and fresh home which is thoroughly disinfected. We work 24/7 throughout the week to help you in this crisis. Call us and get a sanitized today.

Carpet Repair.

Stains, cuts and marks on the tapestry of Meadow Heights home and offices, diminish the look of your interiors a great deal. Get rid of those embarrassing marks and stains today. We are also specialists in restoring the colours of Persian rugs and throws. Our treatment is customised around your specific needs. If you are in look out for a repair task call the professionals.

Rug Cleaning.

Rug cleaning – be it for cotton, synthetic, hair on hide or natural fabric is serviced by us. With our rich carpet cleaning experience and reputation we can safely say that the DIY methods of rug washing and cleaning does not go a long way in retaining its vibrancy and softness. Hire our services in Meadow heights and mark the difference for yourself.

Upholstery Cleaning.

Comprehensive upholstery cleaning methods are here for your home. Jena is expert at cleaning the sofas, curtains and drapes, which gather as much dust as the carpets. Get rid of the allergens and dust mites lingering in the soft furnishings and protect your family from infections.

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