Cleaning Your Hard Floor Coverings

With many households and businesses now trending towards having their carpet steam cleaning serviced by professionals, it’s interesting to notice that very little attention is given to hard surfaces.

We still tend to treat our kitchen or bathroom surfaces with disdain, often quickly grabbing a mop for a ten-second job.

Hard flooring, depending on the material, can be severely damaged if not cleaned correctly.

Particularly delicate surfaces, such as tile grouting and hardwood, can erode or rot respectively.

This poses problems not only for the artistic look of your flooring but also serious health hazards, such as e-coli and bacteria build-up.

The team at Jena’s Carpet Cleaning have come up with some useful tips for three of the more common hard surfaces found in homes across the country.

As always, you can consult us for any further inquiries regarding hard surface cleaning or carpet steam cleaning.

We specialise in all types of surfaces, not just carpets, and we’d be more than happy to help!

Vinyl Coverings

As with regular carpet cleaning, ongoing maintenance of vinyl floors is required to keep the surface fresh and vibrant.

Vinyl floors, despite coming in different styles intended to mock tougher, organic materials, are actually highly susceptible to water damage, especially if the water is boiling.

Excessive water usage can seep into the adhesive holding the vinyl flooring in place, lifting the surface off its foundation and causing unwanted ripples.

When encountering dried stains, they should always be removed via steam cleaning, or either a slightly damp mop or soft brush.

Timber Flooring

In our last article, we touched on a few misconceptions and myths regarding removing stains from carpets.

Many fallacies have also arisen with timber floors. One of the most common misbeliefs is that steam cleaning severely damages timber flooring, particularly hardwood cleaning because of the seasonal humidity.

If we think of stains as a type of glue, then we can better understand how steam cleaning works and why it’s useful for varnished flooring.

The dirt or stains left on your timber flooring are removed via steam cleaning, by softening the sealant property of the stain without ruining the laminate.

After this has happened, the brush pad is then able to effectively remove whatever is left of the stain.

This is a much better alternative to endlessly scrubbing away with a sponge or a mop, as doing so without the right equipment can ruin any laminate that has been applied to the timber.

And if the laminate is eroded, then so too will the timber, leaving behind mould and other dangerous byproducts that can threaten your health.

Tiled Surfaces

Because of the grout needed to hold tiles in place, it is especially important to properly maintain your tiled flooring or bench tops.

Not only that but with many tile layouts now being highly decorative, it’s also beneficial to preserve that new look on the decorative tiles that you put a lot of care and thought into.

Poorly maintained surfaces can discolour the grout, or even worse, cause structural damage. This would obviously pose great health risks for anyone who would accidentally step on the resulting loose tile.

As tiles are porous, bicarbonate soda or bleach will counteract the sieve-like properties of grout, allowing you to be able to go over the area with a soft, nylon brush. This will ensure the health of your grout and also keep your tiles in fantastic shape.

Jena’s Carpet Cleaning can ensure that all of your hard floors are cleaned efficiently, whilst also retaining their distinctive charm.

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