Flood Damage Cleaning, Drying and Restoration Melbourne

We at Jena’s, provide flood damage carpet drying, cleaning and restoration services throughout Melbourne. Our job is to restore their flood-damaged homes. Our attention to detail and our concise flood restoration process, not only return your home to its original condition but also remove harmful moulds and mildew.

Our emergency services for flooded carpet drying and cleaning are available at all times of the day or night all across Melbourne. It’s one way that we provide you with convenience and confidence, should the worst flood damage occur in Melbourne at even the latest of times.

Flood Restoration service in Melbourne

If your home has been flooded, whether it be due to heavy rainfall or a burst water pipe, we can offer you a wide range of restoration solutions, including:

  • Surface and airborne moisture removal
  • Removal of odour
  • Carpet drying
  • Anti-bacterial wash

Emergency Flood Damage Restoration Services in Melbourne.

We understand that the onset of a flood can happen at any time. Our emergency flood damage restoration service allows us to be at your home or office within an hour, no matter where you are in the city. We not only remove any flood damage but also restore these surfaces to their original state.

By using specialised equipment such as dehumidifiers, thermo-hygrometers, air movers, air purifiers, penetrative and non-penetrative moisture meter along with infrared thermal meters we as flood restoration professionals are able to ensure that all areas get treated and are returned to its pre-existing situation.

Our team is proficient in flood damage recovery. We have treated different types of flooding problems since we started, providing fantastic results each and every time. Some of the more common causes of flooding that we treat include, but are not limited to:

  • Heavy rainfall
  • Broken plumbing
  • Washing machine accidents
  • Roof leakage
  • Sink overflow

Professional Flood Damage Cleaning, Drying and Flood Restoration Melbourne.

Our team takes pride in being able to assist people throughout the city with their flooding related problems, professionally. We take great care in the removal of flood water and mould build up, leaving you with a pristine clean home. We can also stop flooding at the source, and are very good at the complete removal of further damage to the structure of your home.

Our flood cleaning, drying and restoration services are available 24 hours a day for those sudden emergencies all across Melbourne.

Contact us on 1300 887 131 for further inquiries or to make a booking.