Four Expert Tips on How to Clean your Grout

Many households across Victoria make to good effect the distinctive appearance that tiles can offer their home interior, often providing the tiled area with a keen sense of sleekness and sophistication.

One aspect of tiles that no one likes, however, is grout maintenance.

Maintaining your grout really is a fine art, with the compound used in its manufacturing process being easy to wear down, impacting the strength of your tiled surface.

Below are four, easy-to-do tips on maintaining your grout to its optimum level, ensuring that your beautiful tiles stay at their best for longer.

Targeted Vacuuming

One of the main problems that befall tile grout, is the buildup of moisture of water within the grout and underneath the tile itself.

This is especially a frequent problem in bathrooms, where a lot of water and humidity in the air is prevalent.

Using a fine, detail nozzle, vacuum your grout specifically, going all the way up the lines.

Despite this being a very time-consuming exercise, this will ensure that any standing moisture in the grout is drawn out, stopping the compound from eroding.

Use Moderate Surface Cleaners

At some point in human history, someone came up with the idea that high-concentrate ammonia-based substances – such as bleach – were the ideal way to clean and maintain grout. Ironically, this has the complete reverse effect, speeding up the eroding process and corroding the underlay of the tile itself, making it prone to loosening.

There are plenty of dedicated tile cleaners out on the market today without an ammonia concentrate, so choose wisely when next at the hardware store.

Regular Sealant

Applying grout sealant is perhaps one of the more unfavourable, household chores there is, due to the messy nature of the sealant and the amount of time it takes to be consumed.

You should always look to check the health of the sealant of your grout – poking a small pin into the grout will suffice – and apply sealant where required.

Grout, on average, requires to be resealed at least twice a year.

Call the Experts

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