How to maintain your carpets and rugs?

A lovely carpet or rug grabs the attention of everyone. It becomes the focal point of your room and can turn it from mundane to spectacular within a few minutes.

But, maintaining the rugs and carpets in your home is certainly not an easy task. This is because the daily wear-and-tear will eventually take its toll on the appearance of your carpet. However, the good news here is that there are some certain steps that you can take by yourself to reduce the amount of dust and dirt that are settling on your carpet, thereby extending the time between professional carpet cleaning services.

Here are some simple yet effective tips that can help you keep your carpet or rug looking immaculate, healthy, and clean for a long time to come. None of these methods are complex and can be carried out weekly:

Keep away anything with sharp ends from the carpets

If you happen to place any of your furniture on the top of your carpet, you need to ensure that the legs of the chairs, table, or sofa are not sharp so that they pierce right through the carpet’s fabric. While dents are possible, piercing the carpet with sharp ends might do more lasting damage. If your carpet is delicate, try not to place any type of furniture on it.

Do not let the stains settle on your rug/carpet

Even if your carpet claims to be stain-resistant, chances are that stains will still remain even after a rigorous washing. You need to act quickly on accidental spills to keep your carpet clean. Soapy water is considered the best solution. However, you need to avoid using chemicals to clean your carpet as it may possibly lead to additional damage. Also, if you are planning on using a brush or a scrub to clean your carpet, ensure that the bristles are smooth so that they do not rough up your delicate carpet.

Do not walk over your rug/carpet with heavy boots

You need to make it a stern rule of the house that walking over your carpet without removing the footwear is not allowed. While boots and stilettos are the worst, you cannot also allow daily footwear like light shoes or even slippers. This needs to be done because our footwear has been stepping on god knows what from different places all day long. If you step on your rug or carpet with your shoes on, you can unknowingly transfer a lot of dirt and germs onto the carpet’s surface, where they will thrive and reproduce.

Try to vacuum your carpet regularly

It is important that you vacuum your carpet regularly. On top of that, deep cleaning once a week will help it remain free of dust and dirt. You need to start vacuuming from the centre and proceed towards the fringes. Remember to keep the suction low since you do not want the fringes to get caught in the cleaning appliance. You can also turn the carpet or rug around and vacuum the other side.

Keep your rugs and carpets away from direct sunlight

If you want to preserve the brightness and colours of your rug or carpet, you need to keep them away from prolonged exposure to the sun. While the sun rays are not damaging, it is the amount of exposure that you need to be aware of. Even if you are sun-drying your carpet or rug, ensure that you check the time.

The above are some of the ways that can help you maintain your rugs or carpets. But, deeper cleaning is quite complicated and it is recommended that you hire professionals. If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning Melbourne services, do not hesitate to give us a call.