How to prevent carpets from sun damage?

Many people are concerned about protecting their carpets from the sun rays. The rays from the sun can damage the colour of the carpet quickly.

The fibres over it can wear out by taking away the natural shine of the carpet. If you see your carpet fading away, then the main reason is due to its ultraviolet rays. It would be better that you do not get the carpet exposed to the rays directly as a first step to protecting it. We do need sunlight inside the house but prefer to open the curtains from the side where there is not a direct exposure of sun rays over the carpet.

Using Shades

You can also make use of the shades outside your house so that the sun rays do not directly hit the carpet. It won’t let much light to travel in the house directly. Even if you are not at home, you will not have to worry that you left the curtains up. The shades would do the work of protection from the ultraviolet rays.

Low Emission Glass

Another way of protecting the carpet is through the low emission glass. It is the glass which you can get fitted into the windows to avoid the UV rays directly inside the house. You can see the light outside, and it will also travel inside the house but with low emissions to it. There will not be a severe impact of the UV light over the carpet even if you have the curtains up. It protects the carpet up to 95% times better than any other option. This way, you will not have to keep the curtains down all the time, and the house gets lighted as well.

It keeps the aging of the carpet long and does not affect the colour of it as well. You can retain the same carpet for a long time with its new appearance. It does not cost much for the low emission glass to get installed in the house. During the time of summer, it will transfer less heat inside the house also and less heat outside when it is the time of winters.


You can also get the low e-filters which get installed at the bottom of the windows. The surface of the windows gets covered with these filters to reduce the ultraviolet rays of sun coming inside the house. If you wish to get both e-filters and low emission glass, you do have the option to do that for a substantial barrier to the sun rays.

Alternative Solutions

The solutions get applied on the carpet fibres and keep it away from the UV rays. There hasn’t been any fading or damage reported after the implementation of solution over the carpet. There has to be more research on the solutions getting applied over the carpet, but it can be one of the alternative ways to avoid UV rays in future. There has been a flaw in the solution that it attracts dirt, and the carpet tends to get dirty quicker than usual. It is better not to consider this option as prior as more research has to be done over it.

To retain the beauty of the carpet, make sure that you use the most efficient way to keep the carpet away from UV rays. Instead of getting the carpet damaged, it is better to apply preventions before time.

It saves you cost and energy to take precautions at the right time. It is apparent that you will not be able to change the physical location of the house where the sun gets exposed the most in the house. Instead, you can try out the ways to protect your carpet completely along with allowing the sunlight to enter the house.

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