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Carpet Cleaning in Keilor

Jena’s carpet cleaning believes in making its customers happy rather than just scraping big bucks off them. We are dedicated to providing carpet cleaning services in and around Keilor, starting from Keilor East to Keilor Park.

We are known for our instant service and high-quality when it comes to the restoration of your carpets in North-West Melbourne.

We try and accommodate our services within your busy schedule so that you do not have to face any inconveniences.

When it comes to hiring a reliable carpet cleaning company in Keilor, you do not have to look elsewhere. We at Jena’s Carpet Cleaning provide carpet cleaning services in all sectors in Keilor.

Ways in which we clean your carpets

Carpet cleaning entails a lot more than just removing stains or taking our things that are stuck in it. It also includes wet carpet restoration, water damage restoration, flood damage restoration, carpet repairs, rug cleaning, mould removal, odour control and anti-bacterial treatment.

Apart from these, we also provide other cleaning services like timber floor drying, sewage cleaning, fire smoke restoration, and structure drying. We can mend your carpets that need a bit of tweaking here and there and make them shine like new. If your carpet has undergone damage like holes or burns, we can fix that too.

We can provide you with effective carpet cleaning. However, carpet cleaning is not enough. Carpet repair is also vital to bring back the lost glory of your old carpets, which we can do for you.

Moreover, due to water clogging or flood, you might have a wet carpet. Our experts can take out all the water from your carpet, including flood damage cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning needs to be done with meticulous precision. Only the best of cleaners can do it so that your upholstery does not get spoiled. We can do that for you.

If you are looking for rug cleaning services in Keilor, you have come to the right place, for we have been doing this effectively for years.

We will clean your soft mattresses with due care so that you can have a sound sleep at night.

Are you worried about tile and grout cleaning? Just call us, and we will scrub your floors till they shine like diamonds. Our solutions are environment-friendly, and this is very important, looking at the current rate of climate change. Our prices vary according to the amount of damage your carpet has undergone. You can provide us with a quote, which is not very high for you and we will make the process economical for you.

Any other kind of cleaning for your house, including cleaning of your upholstery, drying your wet carpet, flood damage cleaning, rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and mattress cleaning can all be done by our trained technicians.

We aim to render your carpets free of germs, make them fresh, and clean them inside out. The tools and techniques used by us will not affect the durability of your rugs. We look for innovations in cleaning so that your carpets can be cleaned better every day. Sanitising and steaming your carpets is one of these innovations.

Our experts keep themselves up to date with newer technologies so that our valuable customers get only what is best for them.

If you need any assistance from us in Keilor, then you can drop us a call on 0424 349 003. We will help you in every way possible and reach you within an hour. Our service centre runs 24×7 so you can contact us anytime.

Why choose Jena’s carpet cleaning services?

The schedules that people in Keilor have are not very easy, and this is where we come in. We provide the best carpet cleaners in Melbourne to your doorstep within record time. Be it your office or your cozy home at some corner in Keilor; we will be at your service, no sooner than you place a call to us.

Here are some other benefits that you will enjoy from us:

  • Biodegradable tools: Our products are biodegradable, which will leave any environmentalist guilt-free when you avail our services.
  • Trustworthy: Carpet cleaning might be just another chore, but we know that you treasure your carpets. We try our level best to maintain the trust you have on us by providing service that is honest, sincere, cordial, and responsible.
  • High-tech: Your carpets will be safe in the hands of our technicians who are the best of the lot in Keilor to make sure that not a single harm comes to your carpets. The technology used, therefore, is only high-end.
  • Advice is free: If you are facing any other issue with carpets and rugs, before or after hiring us, we would be happy to help you with our free assistance over a call.
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