Maintaining your mattress with steam cleaning

Every home in Victoria goes to great lengths to ensure that their house is kept clean and spotless at all times, however many often neglect the proper maintenance of their mattress.

Perhaps the most important item in the home that requires regular cleaning, many will either completely avoid cleaning their mattress, or simply buy a new mattress when the old one becomes disheveled.

There is also a popular misconception that cleaning your mattress is either difficult or that there is no way of doing so.

A dirty mattress can affect much more than just a good night’s sleep, with numerous studies showing that the prevalence of dust mites in mattresses contributes greatly to common allergies, such as asthma.

The regular cleaning of your mattress, therefore is incredibly important, not only for a nice, clean look in your bedroom but also for your own health.

Steam cleaning is a fantastic way to ensure your mattress is as clean as possible, and below we’ve included three great reasons why you should consider investing in mattress steam cleaning.

The eradication of dust mites

Dust mites, or bed bugs as they are known in popular culture, do much more harm than just cause itchiness in the morning.

Dust mites and their excrement are highly toxic, and if allowed to build up considerably, can effectively create a culture of illness for those using the bed. Steam is one of the few cleaning methods which can guarantee the 100% hygienic treatment of your mattress, and therefore will stop the problem and the dust mites completely.

Maintaining air quality in the bedroom

When we sleep, we shed dead skin cells that number in the millions and an excessive build-up of these cells can create a stale smell, compromising the air quality.

Effective steam cleaning can often purify the air, as well as remove the dead cells, and improve not only the aroma of your bedroom but the air quality itself.

Steam cleaning a mattress can also freshen the smell of the fabric itself, creating a pleasing scent.

Ensuring a good night’s sleep

Perhaps the most important and beneficial aspect of steam cleaning your mattress is that of quality sleep, allowing you to feel energised and ready for the next day.

A freshly cleaned mattress does wonders to revitalise the delicate fibres in the mattress, providing the ultimate comfort when it’s time to go to bed.

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