Cleaning Services in Malvern

Carpet Cleaning in Malvern

Jena’s Carpet Cleaning is the most reliable and competent company to call on for carpet cleaning in Malvern. From water damage carpet restoration and to bespoke rug cleaning and mattress cleaning, and even sewage clean up for those disastrous moments, our team of friendly, trained and experienced cleaning staff will be there for you.

Also, our carpet cleaning services are 24/7, meaning we can provide you with both convenience and the best cleaning service that you will find anywhere in Malvern.

We also specialise in a wide variety of services that are tailored to the older, period homes that can be found in Malvern, most notably:

  • Hardwood floor drying and wet carpet drying, which will remove and mitigate the source of excess water or flooding on those bespoke floors.
  • Upholstery cleaning, from older and more sensitive couch fabrics to particular materials used in modern suites.
  • Mould removal of all kinds of fungi from either water damage or aged wooden surfaces.
  • Tile and grout cleaning, from bathrooms to kitchens, and traditional balcony and verandah outlays.
  • Complete carpet steam cleaning in Malvern, using eco-friendly and hygienic substances and materials.

Water damage repair and restoration

Damage from excess rain or flooding can be a considerable burden both your home and you, which is why it’s always nice to know that, should disaster strike, there’s still a helping hand nearby.

Jena’s Carpet Cleaning provides effective water damage carpet cleaning and general flood damage restoration to many in Malvern and all across town, aiming to revitalise even the most damaged of carpets and other surfaces.

To save you from further emotional hassle, we have worked exceptionally hard to make sure that our prices are fair and competitive.

In this way, you can have peace of mind in knowing that not only will we help fix the issue, but your budget won’t have a hole blown in it.

Upholstery cleaning and repairs

For even the daintiest of fabrics, you can count on our upholstery cleaning specialists to give your couch or sofa suite a new lease on life.

Using only upholstery safe cleaning equipment and techniques, not only will we have it looking as good as new, but we’ll be able to ensure that no damage will further occur.

We’re also exceptional for other particular services, including rug and mat cleaning, carpet mending, and mattress cleaning.

Emergency cleaning services

Accidents happen, and when the worst happens, we will use our experience and skills to restore your home to its former glory.

We can provide you everything from fire and smoke restoration for those cooking mishaps, to even sewage restoration and flooded carpet cleaning.

We will also be able to remove the minor symptoms that often come with such disasters.

Certain things like odour control, anti-bacterial treatment, structural drying, carpet repair, and mould remediation are all issues that we can completely take care of with no hassle at all.

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