Cleaning Services in Moonee Ponds

Carpet Cleaning in Moonee Ponds

Now, Jena’s Carpet Cleaning services are also available in Moonee Ponds. We are a friendly, professional, and prompt team that offer our cleaning services at very competitive prices in North-West Melbourne.

Carpets in your house should be kept clean for a lot of reasons, especially the health considerations. In general, carpets need to be cleaned in such a way that it maintains its looks and stays in peak condition.

Some excellent services we offer in Moonee Ponds are water damage cleaning, grout and tile cleaning, anti-bacterial treatment, sewage restoration, flood damage restoration, wet carpet restoration, rug cleaning, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, structure drying, carpet repair, mould removal, odour control, fire and smoke restoration, and timber floor drying.

Here is a detailed view of some of our services:

Carpet cleaning: Of course, cleaning carpet is the forte of Jena’s Carpet Cleaning services. We make use of the best products and equipment to clean your carpets. Our deep cleaning services will free your carpets of clouds of dust and dirt particles, leaving them shiny and looking fresh.

Carpet repair: At times, you might find some unwanted damage or tear on your good old carpet. Do not fret! Our top-notched services will fix your carpet and make them look as good as new! We understand that rugs are quite expensive; so we have a team that is dedicated to only repairing carpets.

Wet carpet, water, and flood damage cleaning: Water damages can occur at any time, especially in Moonee Ponds. Our dedicated team will respond to your emergency at any time for water damage cleaning. We understand that water damage restoration is an emergency, and quick action needs to be taken to save money and reduce suffering.

Upholstery cleaning: The key to upholstery maintenance is regular cleaning. Our cleaning service will increase life and restore the beauty of your upholstered furniture. We will clean it deep down and remove all the embedded particles that have been building up for years.

Rug cleaning: We make use of the most environmental-friendly and gentle products for cleaning your rugs. Additionally, we will also lift away ground dirt, stains, and spots. We will customise our treatment services according to your rug’s dyes, fibres, and weave.

Mattress Cleaning: Even if your home is the cleanest, your mattresses can be home to dust mites and dead skin, which can trigger allergic reactions. We will clean your mattress thoroughly and deodorise and sanitise any odour as well. Marks and stains will be treated and removed as well.

Tile and grout cleaning: Our cleaners will be able to clean your tiles and grout with no worries. It does not matter how dirty or muddy your grout or tiles are; our services will ensure that they look clean and remain sparkling for a long time to come.

Why should you hire Jena’s Carpet Cleaning services?

We, at Jena’s Carpet Cleaning, are known in the market for providing the best commercial and domestic cleaning services. All our work is done on the same day. Our cleaners are always on time and make use of 100% safe services. Our job is entirely organic, and the cleaners are certified and licensed for the work. All these cleaning services you can avail at very pocket-friendly rates.

Jena’s Carpet Cleaning is one of the top cleaning firms all over Australia. We take pride in providing exceptional cleaning services to our clients and always make sure to reach the highest expectations. Our treatments are clean and will deliver guaranteed results. If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning services in Moonee Ponds, then our steam cleaning Melbourne team is just a phone call away!

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