Certified carpet cleaning company in North Melbourne

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable carpet cleaning in North Melbourne? Look no further. Jena’s carpet cleaning company will make just about anything, whether commercial and residential, look new again.

With our IICRC certified team of experts, we deliver results that will make your home a better place to live in.

Cleaning Services in Coburg

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Cleaning Services in Campbellfield

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24/7 services for carpet cleaning in North Melbourne

Call us anytime you need carpet cleaning in North Melbourne. Our equipped professionals work round the clock to keep your premises cleaned anytime you need them.

Our method of steam carpet cleaning eradicates maximum dirt and stain while we keep away from harmful chemicals. With this, we can guarantee a safe and clean home or place of work with no dust, mites or other harmful microorganisms.

Emergency carpet drying in North Melbourne

We provide the best wet carpet drying through our North Melbourne based flood damage restoration team at affordable prices.

We equip our experts with industrial air-movers and LGR dehumidifiers which dry and provide the right anti-microbial to kill and prevent the growth of any bacteria, mould, and mildew.

Cleaning Services in Essendon

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Cleaning Services in Reservoir

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Carpet repairs

By providing the best carpet repairs in North Melbourne, we understand that torn or worn out carpets are less appealing. With this, we dedicate ourselves to providing professional carpet repairs in North Melbourne. Our specialised team is best in re-stretching, fraying, carpet patching among others.

Tile and grout cleaning

Tile cleaning can be monotonous but through hard work, we ensure that you get the best results. Even floors with the most stubborn stains, our cleaners have creative and innovative ways to make them remove as much as they can.

We use either an acid-base cleaner or steam vapour which are not only excellent in removing stains but also bacteria from floor surfaces.

Timber floor drying

Unexpected water and heavy rains can cause a lot of damage to the floors, especially if they aren’t taken care of. Here at Jena’s, we only use the best ways to dry your home or office timber floors. With the effective use of modern technology along with the experience of our professionals, there’s no corner wet on your floor.

Cleaning Services in Hillside

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Cleaning Services in Sunbury

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Cleaning Services in Pascoe Vale

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Other cleaning services in North Melbourne

Jena’s is not limited to only carpet and water damage cleaning in North Melbourne. You can call us anytime you need services such as:

Rug Cleaning – Just like carpet cleaning, we will help maintain and restore your rug to its original condition.

Fire and Smoke Restoration – After an unfortunate fire incident, Just call us and we will help you rebuild your home’s surfaces to their previous glory.

Mattress Cleaning – After we are clean your mattress, there will be no trace of bacteria or bed bugs on it.

Odour Control – We will eliminate all foul smells and ingrained stenches from your carpets and other parts of your house.

Upholstery Cleaning – We do not leave behind upholstery cleaning, just a call and we will leave it clean and protected.

Mould Remediation –There’s no mould pollutants condition we can’t fix.

Structure Drying – We will leave any wet places or furniture as dry as it can ever get.

Cleaning Services in Preston

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Cleaning Services in Sydenham

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All this for how much?

The current situation of the item or place to clean will determine how much it will cost you to get quality cleaning services in North Melbourne.

Usually, when you inquire with us, our representatives will ask you a few questions to understand your needs and give you a rough cost estimate. The more accurate information you provide us, the closest estimate you get to the actual price.

Don’t go all the hustle to clean your premises, we have all the skills and technology to leave everything clean and safe. Call us now on 1300 887 131 and discover the difference.

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