Protecting your Carpet from Excessive Rainfall

Given the recent cold weather, sadly winter is right on our doorstep.

Also, with the colder months comes the concern of extreme rainfall and the resulting water damage in Melbourne.

A particular problem, especially for older homes, is the water seeping into various room interiors after pooling on the roof and in the attic.

This resulting water can adversely damage not only your carpet or flooring but also your curtains, walls and the roof itself.

Jena’s Carpet Cleaning are the experts in effective water damage carpet cleaning, and we have come up with a few tips to protect your home interior as much as possible from heavy rainfall.

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Maintaining your Roof Spouts

Blocked spouts are a common problem with water pooling on the roof.

Your spouts, or gutters, are the only way for water to be channelled off the roof, minimising the pooling effect.

Things that can block up your roof spouts are dirt, leaves and fallen branches. Ensure your spouts are unblocked at all times.

You can also buy a protective sieve for your gutters that will keep out leaves and branches and only allow water to pass through.

Sealing your Skirting Boards

Skirting boards, apart from providing great visuals for your interior room design, offer protection for the vulnerable gap of the join between your wall and ceiling or floor.

Even if water pooling has occurred, completely sealed skirting boards can either stop or minimise water seeping into the room.

Most of the water that can damage your upholstery or carpet comes from loose skirting boards, as it seeps down the wall and underneath your carpet seams.

Protecting Against Burst Rainwater Pipes

With the increase in rainwater storage tanks across Victoria, a recent problem indicates a shoddy work done in connecting the pipes that link up your spouts to the tank.

During heavy rainfall, the pressure and sheer volume of water passing through the pipe can lead it to come apart or burst, and often the roof shingles cannot cope with this much water.

Make sure they join your PVC pipes with water-resistant sealant.

Also, when you have got your carpets damaged with water, you might as well use steam cleaning to dry and clean the carpets.