Steam cleaning or dry cleaning, which one will benefit me most?

A common question we are asked is that of the difference between dry cleaning and steam cleaning, and which one is best suited for our customers.

Both are very popular and effective methods for the maintenance of a wide variety of different carpet types, with one being more tailored to certain fabrics than the other.

Whilst they aim to accomplish the same outcome – a thorough, deep fabric clean – the methods used by each differ greatly.

The team at Jena’s Carpet Cleaning have gone through the major differences between steam and dry carpet cleaning.

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The mechanisms involved

Dry carpet cleaning – as the name implies – uses very little water to cleanse the roots of the fabric, and instead is comprised of a mixture of various chemical compounds and natural heat to break down dirt and grime.

Depending on the chemicals used, you may be asked to vacate your premises when dry cleaning occurs, as the process is very similar to home fumigation.

Carpet steam cleaning, however, is heavily water-based, utilising the intense heat generated from the steam to break down the same dust and dirt, then sucking it back up in a similar fashion to a contemporary vacuum.

There are very little chemicals used in this process, apart from treatment solvents for certain fabrics – of which do not require any precautionary measures to be taken.

The results

Whilst both methods are an effective way to treat and maintain the life of your carpet in your home or office, there is an integral, yet barely visible attribute that differs from both.

Whilst dry cleaning can get right down to the root of the problem, the use of heat in this method can tend to harden the dirt lying at the bottom of the surface’s fibres. This is a particular problem for very thick and lush types of surfaces.

Conversely, steam cleaning – through its use of an organic process – can completely break down the buildup of dirt, whilst removing the threat of the dirt hardening as a result of the water used. Carpets that have been steam cleaned, therefore tend to remain fresh for longer, as opposed to dry cleaned surfaces.

Jena’s Carpet Cleaning is the premier providers of carpet steam cleaning, and can effectively deep cleanse your carpet, revitalising its fibres and ensuring it lasts for a long time to come.