Strip and Seal

Jenas Carpet Cleaning is more than just carpet steam cleaning because of the wide variety of services that we are offering. You can also trust us to skillfully and carefully restore the surfaces of your hard floor through our strip and seal services. We are also implementing the safest and the most exceptional carpet cleaning methods that will suit the needs of all their clients.

Our highly powerful equipment, as well as the safe and environment-friendly chemicals that we are using will give you an assurance that we will only provide you the best carpet cleaning services possible. We are using sealers that will ensure that your daily maintenance will be minimised.

Just the same as your vehicle, you have to remember that hard floors also require regular maintenance in order to protect and maintain the cleanliness, longevity, lifespan, and the shine of the floors. A hard floor in your home or in the office if not properly maintained on a regular basis, the surfaces of the floor will look dull and even dirty. With regular cleaning, you will be given an assurance that your floor will look good and new at all times.

At Jena’s Carpet cleaning we are offering exceptional services that your floor needs. We also have a great team of highly experienced and professional workers in the method of polishing, floor stripping, and sealing. We are also using a very effective system that will promise great positive results. We are also using innovative technologies to be able to perfectly strip and seal your floor.

The Best Approach to Strip and Seal your Floor

Without any proper maintenance, floors will lose their sheen and beauty. It is also possible that your floor may develop some wax buildups and unsightly yellow discoloration that will rob the beauty of your floor. With the floor stripping services of Jena’s Cleaning, your floor will surely be protected from daily damage while at the same time, extending the life of your floor.

When it comes to floor sealing, Jena’s Carpet Cleaning is the best company to go. Bear in mind that unsealed floors can always crack and chip, so it is highly essential to ensure that your floor is properly protected and sealed. Sealing your floor can always protect it from future damages as well as wear & tear. Aside from extending the life of your floor, this is also important in adding value to your home. Jena’s Carpet Cleaning is not just all about cleaning your carpet. We will also ensure that your floor is perfectly sealed to make it last for a long time.

The result of strip and seal services offered by us is especially designed to ensure that the beauty of your floor will be restored. The processes of our stripping and sealing services will also leave your floor to look newer and even more attractive. We also have expert and professional sealers and strippers that are combined with highly innovative technology to give you the services that you need.

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