The Benefits of Cleaning Tile and Grout in your Bathroom

Have you ever had a problem regarding soap scum or tile and grout damage, that just refuses to disappear no matter how hard you scrub?

We’ve all been there, and whilst dedicated cleaning products do the job, they can be terribly expensive even for the smallest of areas.

But did you know that using the same professional tools as carpet steam cleaning, you can also steam clean tile and grout?

Bathroom tile and grout cleaning is a great way to get your bathroom looking as good as new, whilst also effectively removing potentially hazardous threats to the health of your family.

The heat from the steam generated is the most natural form of deep, hygienic cleansing, and will also remove unwanted odours.

This makes it a great alternative to conventional bathroom cleaning products, as they struggle to completely remove any low-lying health hazards.

Tiles benefit the most from thorough steam cleaning, due to the particular buffer nozzle used.

Acting as a cleaner and a polisher, a huge benefit of cleaning your bathroom will be the amazing new look they give your tiled walls.

The buffer nozzle contains soft bristles, ensuring that your tiles will not be scratched, and can also help to revitalise the grout in between your tiles.

The harsh suction after the steaming will not damage your grout, and will ensure its longevity.

Other, finer and detailed nozzles used with steam cleaning machines, can also add polish and shine to your tapware.

Using a detail nozzle and brush, you can thoroughly clean your taps and pipes that will ensure rust or soap scum are completely eliminated.

This method is especially beneficial for brass or chrome tapware, effectively removing fingerprints or other stains that can distract from these highly desirable materials.

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