The Importance of Maintaining your Fine, Persian Carpet

Persian Rugs have been a luxurious commodity for over two thousand years for their intricate designs and renowned durability.

The composition of a Persian rug alone, through finely woven silk fabric, is perhaps the most accurate example of why these rugs have been highly desirable for so long.

But how do you maintain your beautiful Persian rug, especially when even the cheapest rug can cost over 1000 dollars?

Persian rugs are recommended to be frequently bathed and pressed using particular products, to keep their natural, glorious shine and their silky smoothness.

This process can be quite long – the drying process alone can take over four hours – and it’s very easy to irreparably damage your rug should the required precautions not be taken.

For whatever reason, however, many rug owners are still reluctant to invest in maintaining their rug.

Jena’s Carpet Cleaning are the experts when it comes to efficient and professional Persian rug cleaning in Melbourne, and we’ve provided a few reasons why it’s important to regularly maintain your Persian carpet.

Health Hazards

Persian rugs are famous for being incredibly durable, as they pose impressive resistance against stains and spills that normal fabrics would not have.

However, these stains can pose potential hazards to the health of you and your family, that isn’t visible to the human eye.

The thickness of Persian rugs, in particular, creates the perfect environment for stains to seep deeply into the fabric, leaving germs and VOC’s to cultivate into something more threatening.

The only way to eliminate this is through a professional rug bath, as the chemicals used to remove any dangerous contaminants from your rug.


Unpleasant odours can also be emitted from your rug if it is not properly cleaned.

Removing the stain is a fairly simple task, however, the thick rug covering can still retain particles that will rot and produce offensive smells.

In the same way that germs cultivate within the rug fibres, the only way to remove these odours is through regular bathing.

Deodorants will only offer a temporary solution, as the rotting particles will remain rooted in the base of your rug.


Your Persian rug is beautiful, and it’s obviously ideal to preserve that new look.

The light discolouration is one of the major factors in rug damage, however, regular cleaning of your rug will strengthen and freshen the fibres within the rug.

This helps to prevent the fading effect on rugs that are left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

When it comes to professional rug cleaning of all types, the knowledgeable team at Jena’s Carpet Cleaning is your first port of call.

With many years of experience in the proper cleaning and maintenance of Persian carpets, you can trust our experts to breathe new life into your cherished Persian rug.