Three Things Not To Do When Removing Stains

The earliest carpets, mostly resembling modest floor coverings, are known to have been used as early as 7000 BC. That’s a fairly long time for some common misconceptions and beliefs to have arisen regarding stain removal and general carpet cleaning.

Our team have come up with three of these popularly held beliefs about carpet stain removal, that aren’t as effective as you would think. Rather, they damage the carpet more and put your home at risk of having the carpet either repaired at a high cost or, even worse, completely replaced.

Water solves everything

There is the long-held belief that using water to clean carpet stains would be just as effective as it would with a harder surface, such as a kitchen bench or table top.

In the same way that flooding, if not treated immediately, will damage the carpet, so too will excess water. For felted carpets there is also the risk of shrinking, creating an uneven spot in the carpet or, in a worse case scenario, actually tearing the carpet away from the seams.

This is also a particular problem with dyed carpets and rugs, where excessive water will cause bleeding that will ruin it forever.

Using a heavy brush

stain-on-carpet-gone-afterAt some point over the last few decades, there was the idea that using a hard surface vacuum brush on carpet would effectively remove dirt, dust and stains. The concept originating from a possible thought bubble, that the hard brush would more effectively trap dust particles and remove hardened stains.

Carpets can be stretched this way, due to the pressure imposed by the heavy brush. The dreaded and highly undesirable corn rowing effect, of which the hairstyle derives its name from, can also form, especially on carpets with delicate, deep fibres. This creates an unusual look that could detract from not only the quality of the carpet, but also take away focus on the actual room itself.

Leaving it alone

At some point, we’ve all heard the myth that new carpet shouldn’t be vacuumed for as long as possible. The reason being that once it has been cleaned, the cleaning process will become a frequent necessity. This has unfortunately evolved and included stain removal into the original misconception.

The longer you leave a stain, the more engrained it will become into the fibres. And once that has occurred, it is nearly impossible to remove. More importantly, depending on the substance, left over stains can pose many health hazards.

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