Water Damage Carpet Drying, Cleaning and Restoration in Melbourne

Master Water Restorer Award to Vicky Chokshi from IICRC

We provide water damage carpet cleaning, drying and restoration services across Melbourne. Our 24 hours emergency water damage cleaners are IICRC certified with more than 10 years of experience and ready for all water damage restoration in Melbourne with specialised drying equipment.

Our water damage carpet drying and restoration team will restore your affected carpets and structure to its original, pristine condition.

water damage carpet cleaning and ceiling drying in school
drying a wool carpet in an apartment
water damage drying of a solution dyed nylon carpet in a hallway
Water damage in hallway
water damage drying of a solution dyed nylon carpet in a bedroom
Water damage in a bedroom

24 Hours Emergency Water Damage Restoration Team Ready to Serve Anywhere in Melbourne within 1 Hour of Your Call

Our water damage clean-up team will reach your premise in less than 1 hour anywhere in Melbourne.

Water damage carpet cleaning service that we provide is second to none. We excel at treating your carpets by removing any excess moisture and humidity to ensure your health is not at risk.

We are available 24 hours, should you experience any problems at inconvenient times of the night and in need of an emergency.

Water damaged carpet is harmful, and it quickly becomes a breeding ground for mildew and mould spores and hence does not keep your carpets wet for a longer time.

The onset of airborne spores coming from mould and mildew can have a significant impact on you and your family’s health. As soon as you notice water damaged carpets, immediately call our professional water damage restoration expert.

Water damaged carpet drying and cleaning are crucial and dangerous and hence our water damage restoration technicians are available 24×7 to respond to your emergency.

Do not try attempting to clean water damage carpets at home by yourself because carpets that become wet because of floods, washing machine leaks, bath overflow, dishwasher, burst pipes require specialised treatment and equipment for water removal.

Drying carpet after water damage needs a precise distinct process depending upon the source of water.

Safe Restoration Service in Melbourne

Our team is your local experts to restore your water damaged carpets back to its original condition.

For all enquires about our restoration services, or to make an urgent booking, please call us on 1300 887 131. We will be more than happy to help and to answer any questions that you may have.

Our Water Damage Carpet Drying Method

Our certified water damage carpet cleaning staff follow a thorough process to dry your carpets and prevent further secondary damage and contamination from harmful mould and mildew. Our drying method is a simple but effective.

a. Water damage assessment

We will assess the water damage extent and water saturation levels using moisture monitors and thermal imaging cameras. We will also study the source of water to plan for cleaning and drying method. We will also do an assessment for carpet under-layers, subfloors, structure frames, and plaster walls.

b. Outlining the work and quotation

Based on the above study, we will then develop a suitable water damage restoration technique and advise you of the estimated cost involved and the time it will take to dry your valuable assets.

c. Water extraction from wet carpets

Using specialised water extraction equipment, we will rapidly remove existing water from wet carpets. This is the crucial step and aid in drying the carpet faster.

d. Structure and carpet drying through air-movement and dehumidification

Upon water extraction, we use commercial air-movers and dehumidifiers to remove moisture and dry the wet carpets, sub-floors, and underlays. This will prevent the growth of mould and mildew because we will also sanitise carpets with anti-bacterial treatment, which will also remove foul odour and unbearable damp smell.

e. Ongoing moisture monitoring

Our experts will continue monitoring the moisture levels in the room from the beginning of the process until the drying and sanitisation process to achieve a satisfactory restoration.

f. Remove any browning stains from water-damaged carpets

Once the carpet is dry, we clean stains from carpets that could have left behind because of water residues. The browning treatment will remove cellulosic browning that could emerge out of water damage situation.

g. Carpet re-stretching, if necessary

When carpets get dried, it needs to be re-lay and re-stretched where necessary to avoid any bulge on the carpet.

h. Carpet steam cleaning with anti-microbial sanitiser.

We will clean the carpet with our steam cleaning method to bring its original condition and provide you the report of the work undertaken which can help you with insurance claims and any settlement process.

Our carpet water damage restoration techniques for impacted areas can return the vibrancy and life of your carpets. Our methods of water damage carpet cleaning have helped many homeowners in Melbourne.

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Tanja Paris

★★★★★ Had a hot water pipe burst flooding half the house, called Vic and he arrived ASAP. He was professional, courteous and put me at ease. He did a fantastic job and water was removed in no time, reducing any further damage. He turned up on time and always explained what needed to be done. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Jessica McDonald

★★★★★ I hired Vic after calling a few carpet cleaning companies and decided to go for Jenas Carpet Cleaning. I was skeptical to hire anybody because the carpet is expensive and it had a water damage in recent rainfall. After the carpet were dried and cleaned, I realised that I had not made a mistake because the carpet was dried and cleaned professionally. Vic was accommodating all our concerns and from his talks and suggestions, I can only tell that he has a very good knowledge of cleaning and he deserves more job. I definitely recommend Vic and his services to all.

Riana Cipollone

★★★★★ Jena's Carpet Cleaning were professional and quick in their service. They are a full service operation, who not only helped us remove the water from out carpets when they were flooded, but also offered advice into how to fix the timber flooring before the carpet could be re-laid. They also steam cleaned our carpets back to near brand new! Would definitely recommend if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Mel Elhan

★★★★★ Vic never ends to surprise us with his quality work. Highly recommended for water damage restoration work. No extra charges or hidden costs and he always keeps up to his word.

Soniya Patel

★★★★★ We had a water damage at our property. Jena’s cleaning has done excellent job. They also help us with all our insurance requirements. Very friendly, professional and expert staff. We highly recommend you guys.

Rajendra Dhungana

★★★★★ Thank you vic for saving our carpet from water damage. We are really happy with the results and cost. Definitely recommend you guys.

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Thermal image of water damaged ceiling 2
Thermal image of water damaged ceiling
drying of a Polypropylene carpet in a common area on a multi-storey building

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