Emergency Wet Carpet Drying Services in Melbourne

We dry wet carpets in Melbourne for over 15 years now, and all our carpet drying technicians are IICRC certified.

We provide wet carpet cleaning and drying services throughout Melbourne, and you can reach us on 1300 887 131.

We can arrive and begin drying your flooded carpet anywhere in Melbourne within 1 hour of your call.

Our 24 hours of emergency carpet drying service in Melbourne is available 7 days a week.

wet carpet tiles in office
solution dyed nylon carpet in an apartment in Melbourne city

Wet Carpet Drying to Prevent Mould and Secondary Damage

A damp carpet can cause mildew germination and mould growth after 48 hours. Mould will not be immediately noticeable. This fungi buildup can pose a severe health risk for you and your family. The moisture in a dark, damp place will increase these toxins with time. It will make the situation unbearable for people sensitive to allergens, elderly, kids and pregnant women. We highly recommend treating your flooded carpet immediately.

Unattended flooded water can damage your expensive content as well as the integrity of the structure.

solution dyed nylon carpet in an apartment in Melbourne city
air mover and dehumidifer in an office for drying the carpet

Categories of Water

The water is classified as below:
Clean Water – Water supply lines, sink or bath overflow or from appliance malfunctions.
Grey Water – Toilet bowls with urine without faeces, sump pump failures, dishwashing or washing machine water discharge pipe.
Black Water – Sewage backflow, river water, or ground surface water.

The restoration of the affected area should be treated differently depending upon the category of water, which our cleaners will inform you accordingly.

What can you do before we arrive?

First, for safety reasons, turn off the supply to exposed electrical sockets and appliances, remove extension cords and power strips from the affected area.

Also, secure your furniture to avoid getting in contact with the wet carpet. Please note, if the furniture legs are wet, do not put them on a dry carpet. Secure your blinds and curtains if they are in contact with the affected area.

Try removing the excess water with a mop and bucket as much as you can from the tile, timber or vinyl flooring. If the carpet is damp or soaked from flood aftermath, then put towels to prevent spreading it further. You can also vacuum the excess water with Wetpac vacuum as well.

This process will increase the chance of salvaging your content and surrounding structure.

Our following method for structure and wet carpet drying prevents further mould growth and restore your valuable assets to its pristine condition.

drying of carpet tiles admin area in the hospital
wet carpet cleaning and drying of carpet tiles in the hospital

Here is our effective method for wet carpet drying to reduce the health risks.

To dry and clean up a wet carpet quickly, we use the following procedure.

Pre-inspection and assessment of flooded carpet and structure

Call our certified restorer for pre-inspection, equipped with specialised moisture measuring device.

Our wet carpet drying technician will check the source of water and the class of water damage along with significant contamination it caused to the carpet.

Upon determining the class of water damage, we will identify the equipment required based on the rate of evaporation from the materials that have absorbed moisture.

We test the carpet, underlay and subfloor using water sensing equipment and thermal monitors to determine the extent of the damage.

Determining the scope of work to restore and dry flooded carpet

Upon analysing the category and class of water damage, we inform you of the wet carpet restoration approach to dry the carpet and structure, sanitise and deodorise any affected areas.

Our experts will provide you with the exact time of drying your home or office along with the cost. At this stage, we reasonably determine the restorable items and if we can salvage your carpet along with the underlay.

Water extraction process from flood-damaged carpet

The process of water extraction directly affects the drying time. So we use specialised high-pressure water extraction equipment to suck excess water, thereby reducing the restoration time.

Antimicrobial and mould control treatment

Water damage to carpets can be the onset of mould growth. Hence, before we initiate wet carpet drying, it is mandatory to use antimicrobial treatment on the affected area to eliminate the fungi buildup.

Antimicrobial therapy will control and reduce the spread of fungi to your flooded carpet. We carry out this process upon initiation of the drying process and after the successful extraction of water to prevent mould growth. We also apply mould control on the subfloor, if necessary.

Wet carpet restoration

We use industrial air movers to blow air directly onto the damp carpet. We may lift the carpet and place the air mover underneath it to dry the underlay and subfloor more effectively. We may remove and replace damaged underlays, if necessary.

Because of air movement, carpet and surrounding structure releases moisture into the surrounding area for which we use LGR or Desiccant dehumidifiers to remove that moisture.

Steam cleaning of flooded carpet with sanitisation

Upon completion of drying carpet, we will relay it back as necessary. Our cleaners will steam clean the carpet using eco-friendly chemicals in conjunction with antimicrobial sanitiser to provide a deeper clean and also kill the remaining bacteria.

We use truck-mounted or portable hot-water extraction equipment with the anti-browning solution to remove water stains and avoid the browning of wool fibres.

Continuous monitoring

Monitoring is a must while drying a wet carpet. It enables us to inform you of the condition we are in and why we carry out specific steps as a drying procedure.

Upon drying the carpet and subfloor, we will keep running the air movers and dehumidifiers at your premises. We return at regular intervals to monitor the humidity and moisture content of affected materials and walls.

Final report

Once the wet carpet restoration process is complete, we provide a final report of the concluded work and justifications for insurance claims.

We deal with flood damage carpet drying extensively in Melbourne by following the correct procedures as outlined by IICRC standard ANSI/IICRC S500. We can salvage your carpet, floor and underlay as required. We accept insurance work.

For all enquiries about our wet carpet drying services, or to make an urgent booking, please call us on 1300 887 131.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can you arrive?

We can arrive within 1 hour of your call because we are available locally to any suburb in Melbourne.

Do you offer emergency wet carpet drying service?

Yes, we have an emergency carpet drying team ready for the service anywhere in Melbourne. Call 1300 887 131 to book an emergency service now.

Will I have to replace my wet carpet?

Depends on the situation and the class of water with which the carpet was contaminated. 98% of the time you won’t have to replace it provided you act fast in calling a professional service.

How long will it take for carpet to dry?

Most carpets dry within 48 hours or less depending upon the humidity, temperature and air circulation. Our certified technician will advise you of the drying time upon assessing the situation on-site.