What are the main causes of carpet odours?

Carpet odours are common, so it is essential to clean your flooring regularly so that the indoor environment is clean and hygienic.

Carpets require professional cleaning to get underneath your flooring and remove the bad odour.

We want you to know more about the most common causes of carpet odours:

Pet Urine: If you own a pet, you need to take care of your carpet daily. A pet’s urine is the hardest odour to remove. Even if you clean the pet’s urine immediately, the traces of the pet’s urine still remain, causing the bad smell.

Mildew and mould: One more difficult odour to get rid of is mildew and fungus. Fungus builds up when there are excess water stains on the carpet. A high-pressure steam cleaning is generally needed to get rid of the odour of mildew and mould on carpet.

Tobacco: The smoking smell inevitably causes the carpet to be malodourous. Cigarette smoke leaks into hangings, walls, and furniture and is tricky to remove. There are methods available online to get rid of cigarette smoke odour; however, it is always good that you should hire a professional carpet cleaner to get rid of the tobacco odour completely.

Spills: Spills of liquids like milk, wine, beer, and motor oil can be pesky to remove from the carpets. Steam cleaning lifts the water out of the rug, removes the spill odour, and deep cleans the carpet.

Experts can remove odours, stains, and allergens from your carpet by using the best cleaning solutions and carpet cleaning methods.

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