What type of carpets are easy to clean?

Carpet cleaning is a necessary part of your home for maintaining the ambiance and atmosphere and on the whole health of your family.

Anytime in your home, you need to continually keep your carpets clean, sanitised and deodorised to ensure you have a fresh living environment in your home.

It is vital to clean your carpet on a regular basis but once stubborn stains and irremovable dust, dirt, bacteria, and allergies take hold of your carpets, it’s time to call in best carpet cleaning service provider.

Carpets accumulate not only dirt but also dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, fungus and a host of viruses and waste and it is necessary to remove these harmful elements. Carpet cleaning helps extend the life of your carpets.

Which type of carpets is easy to clean?
When you clean your own carpets on a regular basis, you are perhaps interested in knowing which types of carpets are easy to clean.

Here are a couple of carpet types that are easy to clean and maintain:
Polypropylene – Polypropylene is a low-priced or cheap material for carpets. Today’s carpets are made up of approximately 85% to 90% polypropylene material. These carpets are the lower end type of carpets. The carpets are more durable when mixed with a high percentage of woolen. Polypropylene carpets are easy to clean and maintain on a regular basis.

Nylon Frieze – Nylon Frieze is one of the best, simple and easiest carpet types to keep clean and maintain. Many customers are satisfied with this type of carpet as they sustain best when you have kids or pets. The carpets are good for very high traffic area of your home.

Nylon – Pure Nylon is another outstanding option for buying carpets. Efficient durability with prolonged lifespan, easy to clean and maintain are some advantages of this type of carpet. This Nylon carpet costs you little more than Polypropylene and Nylon Frieze.

Essential Tip: Try to purchase a carpet that has bulk strands or Bulked Continuous Filament (BCF). These are bulky strands fiber in carpet last longer, and doesn’t get fuzzy and start coming off everywhere after any use.

To discover out more about carpet cleaning and which carpet suits best for your house, company, or office, get in touch with Jena’s Carpet cleaning experts today.