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  • We can remove all types of stains
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Jena’s Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Jena’s Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne offers highly affordable and reliable cleaning services for your residence and commercial properties. Our team of expert carpet cleaners are IICRC certified with over 15 years of combined professional experience.

Our carpet cleaning experts in Melbourne delivers satisfactory results which gained us a good name, repeat customers and our customer service is second to none.

Master Water Restorer Award to Vicky Chokshi from IICRC
Jena's Carpet Cleaning
Based on 134 reviews
I had to fix a carpet to get my bond back. I was a bit scared to give the job to anyone as my bond depended on it. Found couple of companies and got quotes from them, one was crazy expensive and another one very cheap (bit dodgy). Both companies with great rating and reviews on their very good looking websites. Then I found Jena's, we call the emergency number and Vic answer the phone. Next day he was repairing the carpet and it was an absolutely artistic job!!! He was very professional, quick, friendly and very good price.The real estate ask for his details as they were very impressed with their professional job. Thanks Vic, you are an artist!
Lilliana Sierra
Lilliana Sierra
03:03 16 May 19
Have tried another cleaner in Melbourne earlier and it was not up to the required standards. Vic was amazing and did a good job above my expectations. He has a wealth of knowledge and can clean multiple types of stains. Highly recommended.
Stephen Bennett
Stephen Bennett
14:23 15 Apr 19
We have just had our carpet cleaned through Jenas Carpet Cleaning. I must say they have done a fantastic job. The carpets looks fresh and cleaner than ever before. We recommend this company.
John Peterson
John Peterson
00:49 10 Apr 19
I got Vic from Google and he did an amazing job removing pet and wine stains from our carpet at a great price. My carpets now looks brand new. Thanks again, Vic.
Terry Lewis
Terry Lewis
00:52 02 Apr 19

Before and After Photos

Carpet stain presentCarpet stain removed
Stain on carpetStain removed from carpet

Our cleaning services for Melbourne residents.

Our technicians not only clean carpets but also offer varied services as below:

We clean, dry and sanitise your wet carpets.

Mend carpets that have been worn out over time.

Get rid of dirt buildup in your tiles and grouts.

Maintain and restore your rug to its original condition

We perform steam cleaning of your carpets to remove dirt and dust.

Reduce and take care of mould pollutants in your home and office.

Remove unwanted bacteria and bed bugs from your mattress.

Recover your water damage carpet occurred from heavy rainfall or plumbing rupture.

Treating flood-damaged carpets.

Rebuild your home’s surfaces after a fire incident.

Drying of hardwood timber floors.

Clean and protect your upholstery.

Apart from residences, we serve local clinics, restaurants, offices, hospitals, hotels and pubs with above mentioned services.

24 Hours Emergency Carpet Cleaning Service

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For any emergency cleaning service – call us on 1300 887 131.

Our certified cleaning professionals work round the clock to give you the convenience of time whenever you want us to get your premises cleaned.

Jenas Certifications for cleaning services

Hire a professional carpet steam cleaning company

Our IICRC certified steam cleaning technicians will provide eco-friendly cleaning solutions depending upon the type of stains and condition of your carpet. Accordingly provide you a ballpark quote that’s economical and cost-effective for high-pressure cleaning of your carpets.

Booking our services is easy. Simply call us now on 1300 887 131 to hire professional cleaners for your Melbourne property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does carpet cleaning cost?

The situation of your current carpet determines the cost of quality carpet cleaning in Melbourne. Usually, when you make a telephonic inquiry with us, our representatives ask you varied questions so that we can provide you a rough cost estimate. Provide truthful situation of the carpet to get the estimate nearest to its actual cost.

Can you remove carpet stains?

Most of the dry cleaning carpet or steam cleaning carpet professionals make use of an effective mix of solutions along with their experiences to fight the stain. However, if there are some really stubborn stains that won’t completely go, our cleaner should suggest other methods to lighten it with time. However, we can remove all wine and coffee stains.

How long to dry the carpet and use it after steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning takes around 4 to 8 hours however if the carpets were washed with detergent and soap with a traditional steam cleaning method, then it could take around 8 to 24 hours to dry completely.

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