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Here at Jenas Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we are professionally trained carpet cleaners with over 15 years of experience in cleaning homes and businesses. We offer an affordable and budget-friendly carpet cleaning service in Melbourne.

All of our staff are fully qualified and certified by IICRC and SCRIA accreditation.

Jenas will deliver the carpet cleaning in Melbourne that you need

You can be assured that when you have your carpet cleaned with us, you will be left amazed with a healthy, clean carpet that are free of stains, smells fresh, and looks beautiful. We understand that carpet cleaning can be a tough job, and sometimes you just have to know when to bring in the Melbourne’s carpet cleaning professionals with the experience needed to get the job done.


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We don’t use advertising gimmicks to attract customers, only the highest quality natural detergents, cleaning agents and equipment. When we dry clean and steam clean your flooring, upholstery or tiles, we hold ourselves to the highest international standard of carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

Our team of experts have countless satisfied customers in Melbourne, and word of mouth has lead us to become the professional cleaning business in the city.


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Jenas carpet cleaning is proudly using environmentally safe cleaning products. Yes, they work perfectly well. These products are great for our health as it has no side effects. Not only for our health, but they are great for Earth and pet friendly. Sustainable living becoming more and more mainstream, we stay well informed of the latest breakthrough in living conditions when it comes to using the cleaning products.

Almost all our carpet becomes dry, clean and ready to use within an hour of cleaning them.



We always feel confident and safe knowing that our carpet cleaning agents are safest in the market. We thereby deliver superb quality and value to all of our customers. That is the reason why we always use the highest quality cleaning solution with excellent rinsing property to eliminate any residue remains on the carpet with affordable cleaning solutions.

Why choose Jenas Carpet Cleaners?

Dirty carpeting in your home can harbour more than just food particles, dust, dirt and an unpleasant fragrance. Often there are harmful pollutants such as bacteria, dust mites, mould and harmful germs that can lead to health problems for your family. We have:

  • State of the art equipment – We use only the best carpet cleaning cleaning equipment for cleaning services, to ensure the best outcome for your carpets and upholstery.
  • Over 15 years of experience – With a quarter of a century of experience, you can be sure that we’ve seen it all, and cleaned it all. There is no job that we cannot complete to the highest standard.
  • 24/7 Cleaning services – We are available at all hours to accommodate for emergencies. We know that spills and carpet damage can happen at any time, and we are here to help, always.
  • Fully certified – All of our cleaners are fully qualified by the SCRIA and IICRC, so you know that the highest quality carpet cleaning will be done at all times.

With professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne, you can ensure health and comfort for your family, and pets. If a member of your family or yourself suffers from allergies like asthma, ridding your carpet of its nasty allergens will go a long way towards a clean home, and that is worth it’s weight in gold. phone numbersWe believe in providing top-notch customer care and it is our highest priority. This is the reason why our customers always get attention to detail, high-quality service and an expert advise.

We always evaluate each situation and use the most innovative steam cleaning process to get your job done. We can handle almost any job because of our diversified staff with specialities in every area of cleaning. To provide a good job, we have certified and accredited cleaners to help with water damage and fire damage clean up. We also offer 24/7 emergency service.

The superior carpet cleaning equipment that we use will never damage your carpets. We are aware of the techniques, equipment and products to use for fine cleaning of your carpets, rugs and floors. All our employees goes through the rigorous training to ensure they are efficient on the job and provide superior customer service.

What cleaning services do we provide in Melbourne?

With a well known specialisation in carpet cleaning Melbourne services, we also provide range of services such as stain removal and treatment, timber floor rejuvenation, concrete floor buffing and sealing, tile and group cleaning and sealing, along with a huge range of flooring services such as floor cleaning services, carpet steam cleaning, carpet protection, carpet dry cleaning, carpet installation and repairs, pet odour control and cleaning. You can always trust us for all your floor and carpet cleaning needs in Melbourne.

Jenas Carpet Cleaning provides affordable and high quality cleaning for all areas of your house. We have amazing deals and discounts on various services, including for the first time customers.

Upholstery Cleaning
We can clean your couches, chairs and all other furniture and upholstery in your home, leaving them smelling fresh and looking as good as new.
Mattress cleaning
Our mattress cleaning will kill all bugs, while restoring your mattress to its original and healthy state.
Water damage and flood restoration
If your carpets or upholstery have been damaged due to flood, we offer a wet carpet cleaning service that will leave flooring dry and clean.
Tile and grout cleaning
If your bathroom tiling is a off colour, our tile and grout cleaning will leave your bathroom looking as good as new.

A complete Solution For Your House Cleaning

Cleaning home can be a tedious task and tiresome. If you feel your home to be a bit messy and have no time to clean then allow us to take care of your house cleaning requirements. Your home could soon become unhealthy with full of dirt and germs if you leave it uncleaned. Our professional house cleaning which covers all the aspects of house cleaning such as rubbish removal, duct cleaning, rug and mattress cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning, protection of your upholstery, leather and fabrics, curtain and blinds cleaning are included. With our efficient full house cleaning services, you can enjoy a clean and healthy abode to dwell in.

Effective Carpet Cleaning methods and process – What is the best way?

A clean carpet is the start of hygienic and pest free office and home. There are many carpet cleaning methods to explore and work with the kind of flooring, budgets and purpose behind the cleaning. The different methods adopted for cleaning also depends if the carpet is in heavy duty areas or otherwise. Be it the house cleaning, preventive measure against building allergens and bacteria, removing stains and marks or prolonged care of the carpet, understanding the different methods of carpet cleaning is vital to the services you hire.



Frequently Asked Questions – Carpet Cleaning.

1.How much does carpet cleaning cost?

The cost of carpet cleaning is determined by the state in which your current carpet is. Usually, when you make a telephonic enquiry with a carpet cleaning service, the customer executives ask you questions to provide a rough cost estimate. It is in your best interest to provide truthful answers so that the estimate is closest to the actual cost.

2. What are the different ways of cleaning carpets?

Dry Cleaning, hot water extraction and steam cleaning are just some of the methods cleaning professionals employ.

3. How long does a carpet cleaning require?

Though it largely depends on the size of your house, the carpeted area, a number of staircases, amount of stain and current condition of your carpet, a typical 3 bedroom house takes around 3 hours to clean up. However, a good cleaner will not leave a job half finished just because he thinks it’s time to leave. It is a good idea to get a more accurate on the spot estimate.

4. Are all carpet stains removable?

Most of the carpet cleaning professionals make use of an effective mix of solutions along with their experiences to fight the stain. However, if there are some really stubborn stains that won’t completely go, your cleaner should suggest other methods to lighten with time.

5. Does steam cleaning damage the looks of the carpet?

It is a myth. Just like washing and drying make your clothes clean and add life to it, same goes with the carpets too.

6. Do I need to remove furniture before technicians arrive?

It is a good idea to remove as many furniture as you can for the ease of use and movement of heavy duty machines. If you are not able to, the professionals will have to remove it or cover it, to avoid damage.

7. Are the strong chemicals, used for carpet cleaning, harmful for children’s skin?

With advancing technology, we have the most effective yet least harmful solutions to do an impressive job. Hence most of the solutions and chemicals used are not harmful when dry. It is a good idea to keep your children and pets away while the work is in progress just to avoid accidents.

8. Can my carpet be restored over being removed?

Yes. Do your research well before deciding to remove your carpet. Most of the time it is restorable and there isn’t a need to replace it.

9.How to maintain my carpet after professional cleaning?

Vacuuming your carpet regularly should be good, however, you should note that the vacuum cleaner is effective, agitates and removes the soil. Any stains and spills should be immediately treated, so it’s a good idea to keep clean cloth and stain removals handy at all times. Lastly, we will suggest how early you should get the next professional cleaning done. Do it diligently and your carpet is good to go for years.

10. Carpet Steam Cleaning Vs carpet Dry cleaning- which one is more effective?

Carpet steam cleaning uses hot water mixed with solutions to extract the dirt from the carpets whereas, in carpet dry cleaning, cotton absorbent pads are used to scrub the carpets. Both are equally effective and are not very different cost wise.
Clients Testimonials
  • Melissa Hay

    I had water damage in house as my sink pipe got burst and 3 bedrooms n hall was in water. Call this company and sent a guy very quickly. Technician was very professional and did an impressive job. Even price was reasonable. I highly recommend this guy Sam.

  • Cuong Do

    Had a terrible accident with the dog on brand new carpet. Vic was excellent. Carpet looks good as new.

  • Paul Norman

    It was a wonderful experience with Jenas because I have hired companies in the past but Jenas have been exceptionally professional in performing their cleaning activities and they exceeded my expectations by far. If you are in Melbourne and need steam cleaning, I highly recommend Jenas.

  • James McLure

    My carpet went from wet to dry in no time, which helped because we had a house inspection a couple of days later. Thanks!

  • Rodney Miller

    I am pleased with the service provided by Jenas. I had a party last weekend and was in a dilemma to hire a cleaning company however after the job was done I am really satisfied with the outcome. Keep up the good work guys.


  • Margaret

    Graphic Designer, Avondale Heights

    This man is a hard-working, courteous person who really knows what he's doing. He actually did more for us than we expected. This is the second time I've used your services, and I was very pleased both times. Vikki is very professional, polite, and informative. I'd highly recommend you guys!

  • Olivia

    Home Maker, Brunswick

    You did a wonderful job of cleaning our carpet and spotting other areas. I would definitely use your service again. Dylan and the other worker were very conscientious and thorough.

  • John smith

    Marketing Manager, Collins St, Melbourne CBD

    I am always pleased with the outcome. I can't imagine why I would call anyone else for my carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.You're fantastic! We love your service. Everything is completely professional. You have exceeded our expectations.

  • Emma Bamblett

    Non-for-Profit organisation, East Brunswick

    Vic has done an excellent job with our carpets. Makes the office look so much better. The service was outstanding and accomodated to our needs and time of service.

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Carpets Steam Cleaning Melbourne - 24 Hours Service

Cleaning your carpets with steam is a skillful method for your home and office to eliminate maximum dirt and stains. There is no use of harmful chemicals in our cleaning method.

This process will get rid of allergens and make your home a healthy, safe and a clean place to live. Carpets require regular cleanup and with our professional carpet steam cleaning, you avoid having dust mites and harmful micro organisms. If your carpets looks dirty, simply call our professionals for a quality cleaning job.

Emergency Wet Carpet Flood Water Damage Cleanup

We also provide wet carpet drying and cleaning service. Our flood damage restoration team are experts in water damage carpet drying and cleaning.

All our team are equipped with industrial air movers and LGR dehumidifiers for drying and appropriate sanitization with anti-microbial to kill bacteria and prevent the growth of mould and mildew. Call our flood damage cleanup and restoration team for your emergency situation.

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