About Us

We at Jenas Carpet Cleaning Services look after your carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning. We are industry experts with over 15 years of professional experience behind us. No other company can rival us for professionalism and service. We use the latest Fast Dry Deep Cleaning Systems that give really deep down results, removing more stains and dirt.

We use the best eco-friendly solutions that not only work better than chemical cleaning, but also safe for you, your family, your home and environment. Our carpet and upholstery systems are recommended by leading manufacturers.

We offer a wide range of services including dry and steam cleaning, upholstery fabric & leather lounge suite, tile & grout, mattress cleaning, wet carpet drying, water damage restoration, water damaged services for offices, homes, restaurants, clubs and hotels.

We have exceptional staff who can give you the best services regardless of what type of service you need. We work according to your convenience and give the best carpet cleaning in Melbourne round the clock. We give confidence to our customers by our professional services. We update ourselves to newer technologies and provide you with best eco-friendly services.

Trust us to do a professional and thorough job for you, no matter what time of day or night!

We work 24/7, and we accept every challenge of carpet cleaning.



1. How do your professionals make our life easier?
With challenging professional hours and target-oriented jobs, many of you find it difficult to dedicate special time for housekeeping. Addressing this concern, our professional team is your helping hand. Our customers get the quality and consistent cleaning solutions for all kinds of home spaces. We provide a proper schedule for our customers according to their time and requirements.

2. Why hire a professional?
With regular wear and tear of your house, your furniture and your flooring will become dirty, dusty and even more likely a house of bugs. Hiring a professional will help you to not only get your carpet deep cleaned but also will give it a fresh look to renew and help to keep it in the most excellent condition.

We are expert
• In analysing the material: We are specialised in handling all kinds of fabrics and designs.
• Professionals are removing stubborn stains is other significant and excellent reason to hire us.
• Steam cleaning professionals: We are providing professional services and are trained and experienced in handling work with steam cleaning.

3. Why our methods are more effective than just dry vacuuming?
We have more than 20 years of experience and handle them delicately. So dry vacuuming will remove just dirt and dust. Our services will not be thorough, but will also provide you the after service check-up visit. This will let us know if there are any more issues or problems.

Our experts are certified and trained to handle any job. Our methods eradicate all the dirt, bug and debris and deep clean your carpets to provide better results. We also provide many other services that are suitable for your abode.

4. Experts in handling cleaning equipment
At times when you are working with rental equipment, it can be a big task and can leave behind excess moisture and spoils in the fabric. Hence our professionals are well trained. Their special edging equipment, deep cleaning tools and brushes will provide the best results.

5. 24 x 7 availability
Our professional carpet cleaning services are available around the clock and available 24/7. When you are on holiday or away on tour; no problem, we are available all time. You can get your carpet steam cleaned when you are enjoying your getaways or holidays. Save your time, efforts and utilize for a more vital job.

Just call us for more information, customised quote, after service check-ups or to set up the routine services. Our friendly staff will surely answer your any queries.