Mould Removal in Melbourne

We are certified professionals for mould removal in Melbourne.

Our mould remediation service starts with an assessment of the cause of mould and accordingly initiate mould damage cleaning.

mould on woven Axminster carpet
mould on a carpet requiring replacement

Our mould removal and remediation process

Our job is to extract excessive humidity from indoors, purify the air circulation, and the removal of a visible and airborne mould to ensure your premise is free of mould spores.

a. Mould inspection

Identification and assessment of a mould or mildew using the infrared imaging cameras by our mould remediation specialist. We will provide our inspection report based on various factors such as temperature, humidity dew point temperature readings, moisture levels, particle counts and infrared imaging.

b. Professional mould removal cleaning

We start the physical mould removal from within the affected area and restoring the walls, floors, and ceilings as required. Physical mould can be removed from concrete, timber, roofing or brickwork. Thereafter, we start dealing with air-borne mould spores by fogging the roofs and sub-floors to eliminate the contamination and stop the spread of mould spores. We also treat the dampness and humid areas with heaters and dehumidifiers.

c. Content restoration

All the house contents or commercial premise contents will be inspected and inform you if the content can be restored or not. If the area was affected due to water damage then a few contents may not be restorable. Some of the few contents that we often restore are blinds, shutters or curtains, beds, tables, picture frames, leather items, wardrobes, coffee tables, entertainment units, shoes, and bags.

d. Providing appropriate ventilation

Provide appropriate ventilation to maintain the area mould free and clean with fresh air circulation.

Our team is IICRC certified and strictly follow their guidelines for safe mould cleaning services.

mould in a laundry area
mould in a laundry

Causes of Mould Growth

Mould is a fungus and it occurs as a result of incomplete wet carpet drying increasing the dampness and excessive moisture. Several familiar causes include water damage, flooding, leakage in roofs, indoor plumbing or building maintenance problems such as poorly ventilated laundry or bathrooms.

Mould can occur from water ingress, overflowing sinks, or pipe leaks and it can grow on ceilings, walls or even on carpet floors. Mould can darken grout lines and silicon sealing. It shows up as black or dark-brown spots which release bad odour from its spores causing allergic reactions.

The onset of mould or mildew in your residential or commercial property can pose potential health hazards, if not treated immediately.

Mould remediation in Melbourne for residential and commercial premises

We have provided mould remediation services to various types of properties, including:

  • Commercial entities, both in office spaces and smaller, main street stores.
  • Residential properties, from large houses to small flats.
  • Industries and manufacturing facilities across Melbourne.
  • Public buildings, such as primary schools and high schools in Melbourne.

Emergency service for mould removal in Melbourne

Our mould specialists and mildew removal team works around the clock, and are available all over Melbourne on an emergency basis.

Should you ever have to experience the onset of these harmful moulds, give a call right away on 1300 887 131.

mould on a carpet
mould behind the wall in a basement exercise room
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