Professional Timber Hard Floor Cleaning And Drying

timber floor drying processLooking for quality timber floor drying in Melbourne? Jena’s Carpet Cleaning team can dry any hardwood or laminate timber flooring for your home or office.

Water damage is a common occurrence in residential and commercial properties. From heavy rains, flash flooding, machine leakages to plumbing issues, timber floors are often hit the hardest by unexpected water damage.

Jena’s timber floor cleaning team will take care of your damaged timber and hardwood flooring. Whether your home has been hit by unpredictable weather or your office had a machine leakage, we’ll restore your flooring to its original state.

Timber Hardwood Floor Drying Services For Your Melbourne Home Or Office

If water damaged timber floors aren’t taken care of in a sufficient manner, outstanding problems can occur. From stubborn stains to harmful mould, efficient drying services are needed as soon as possible.

Unlike another flooring, hardwood and laminate timber flooring are easy victims of water damage. Excess water can easily get soaked up by the hardwood and get stuck in the gaps of laminated flooring. Steam cleaning timber floors ensure lingering moisture is taken care of

Swelling floorboards are one of the first telltale signs of water damaged timber flooring. However, it’s not enough to just treat the warping and buckling of floorboards. Untreated hardwood and laminate timber flooring can cause health problems and irreversible damage such as moulds and stains.

Jena’s Renowned Hardwood Floor Drying For Melbourne

No job is big or too small for Jena’s timber floor cleaning experts. We have over 15 years of experience with all our professional cleaners certified to carry out drying services for your timber flooring. We use the latest equipment in steam cleaning for timber floors to ensure your hardwood and laminate flooring is thoroughly dried and repaired.

24 Hours Timber Floor Drying in Melbourne

Has an unexpected water leakage damaged your timber flooring? Get in touch with Jena’s drying services. Our timber floor drying services are available 24 hours to Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We offer the best steam cleaning for timber floors.

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