Fire and Smoke Restoration in Melbourne

Fire and smoke restoration is a tedious job when your premise needs a thorough cleaning and perfect restoration upon fire and smoke damage.

The fire and smoke restoration method involves the removal of all the soot (contaminated airborne particles that arise from combustion) and smoke marks from the house.

Soot and other burning remnants are hazardous to health and can be eliminated using our cleaning services in Melbourne.


Appropriate ventilation is required for the dust particles to be cleared and with our cleaning services, we will ensure all the dust is removed and the premised is thoroughly restored.

Deodorising the carpets will help remove the smoke odour from carpets and surrounding structure. Our usage of special chemicals will eliminate the odour and smoke molecules.

Here are some of the specific reasons why our certified professionals are needed when you want a total package for fire and smoke restoration:

  • You will be aided in terms of general inspection of the things inside your house.
  • We also evaluate the condition of the undamaged and the damaged items.
  • We even determine the type of cleaning and procedures to be used to provide the best end-result.
  • With our knowledge and skills, you can make the restoration task easy.
  • All your concerns and queries will be resolved.
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A fire at home is one of the stressful and frightening events that you and your family can experience. After the said fire that you have been experienced, the trauma is not yet done. Still, you will be thinking of the things that you need to do after the disaster.

One of the things that will come into your mind is the different ways you have to do to recover anything inside your house. Definitely, you will also think about the fire and smoke restoration to become more comfortable inside your house.

If you have been to this kind of disaster, then it would be advisable to look for any professional who can assist you for the fire and smoke restoration. Call Jena’s restoration team at 1300 887 131.