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Don’t let the bedbugs bite: Believe it or not, we spend almost a third of lives in bed sleeping and resting with bedmates such as dust mites, bacteria, viruses and even bed bugs. Avoid these unpleasant critters with regular, professional mattress cleaning from Jena’s Carpet Cleaning services.

We remove all unwanted, and potentially dangerous, bedmates completely to help you stay clean and safe while you sleep.


Mattress Cleaning Process

We arrive at your premise and our mattress cleaning expert will discuss your special requirement and assess the situation.

Initially our professional will vacuum clean the mattress which will remove the dirt, unwanted pet hairs, dead skin flakes, minuscule pests dust mites and dust.

Apply appropriate special detergent on the stains and marks to help dissolve the mark spots.

Once stain removal process is done, we employ hot-water extraction cleaning equipment for steam cleaning to extract dirt and moisture to get a dry mattress.

Depending on the steam cleaning process, we will inform you of the drying time and provide further mattress maintenance steps, as required.

clean mattress

We use only non-toxic, green cleaning products and techniques to sanitise, clean and kill whatever lives on your mattress.

We work diligently and quickly without harming the original quality of your mattress.

When we finish our mattress cleaning treatment, we promise you a bug-free, allergen-free and dirt-free sleep.

We also provide steam cleaning and carpet repair in Melbourne at affordable rates.

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