Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial Treatment in Melbourne

Safe Anti Bacterial Cleaning in Melbourne

Cleaning the carpet is such a challenging task for housekeepers especially when you have a family with children and pets. Accidents can always happen and it’s difficult to prevent them from messing up the clean carpet with their spilled food.

You take your own measure by picking up, scrubbing the stain with a solution of water and detergent and then spray scented disinfectant to get rid of the nasty smell. It is a hassle especially when you do this almost every day!

Even after cleaning up after the muddle, you can never guarantee yourself that it is 100% cleaned.

The worst nightmare is that these stains breed bacteria and other microscopic organisms that are detrimental to the health of your family. It’s a nuisance and it’s bothering to realize that your carpet is infested with enemies that are invisible to your eyes.

Just imagine your kids rolling and yourself walking barefoot over these bacteria. It certainly feels unsafe. But, there’s always a solution for eliminating the stubborn stains and all the bacteria that have infiltrated your flooring.

You can always go pick up the phone and ask for cleaning services who can work their magic over these catastrophes.

Jena’s Carpet Cleaning offers best carpet cleaning in Melbourne with antibacterial treatment that guarantees total elimination of those harmful bacteria and other creepy crawlies that have inhabited your flooring.

Our anti-microbial treatment works by sanitizing your carpet and annihilating the colonies of your enemies. This treatment is advantageous in wiping not just microscopic bacteria, but also other carpet issues such as mildew, indoor mould, and nasty odours. We also help in eliminating creepy crawlies such as dust mites, dander, and allergens.

After the treatment, you will be feeling safeguarded and free. Allow your kids to roll over or yourself to walk barefoot over your carpet without these annoyances.

Carpets and rugs are not the only dirty place that houses these microbes in your abode. Other furniture can also be conducive to the survival of these enemies such as your couch, bedding, and upholstery.

Your enemies are everywhere and they breed on almost everything in the house. Even your drapes and curtains that just hang on your windows can breed them. Your kitchen tiles and upholstery can also make use of these antimicrobial treatments.

We apply eco-friendly antimicrobial agents for disinfecting so you need not worry about those harmful chemicals. We use special drying equipment that quickly dries and eradicates moisture from surfaces.

We offer best Antimicrobial treatments along with other services including fabric lounge cleaning, dry cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, tile and grout, mattress cleaning and water damage restoration.

We guarantee quality cleaning service for protecting your carpet and furniture. So, if you are having a hard time with keeping your household clean, you can go ahead and avail our service anytime.

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