Damaged Carpets – Repair or Replace?

Our carpets go through a lot. They’re always underfoot and cop all the spills, stains, burns, and scratches of daily life. When this wear and tear gets too much, most people just get their damaged carpets replaced – but have you heard about carpet repairs?

Getting your damaged carpet repaired is often quicker and cheaper than having it replaced.

What kind of damage can be repaired?

Most damaged carpets can be repaired. This includes carpets that have been:

  • Torn or cut, or developed holes
  • Burnt by a candle, cigarette, or iron
  • Damaged by a dye or ink
  • Stained or spot damaged
  • Chewed or scratched by pets
  • Installed incorrectly
  • Stretched or had seams or joins open up

While most people would replace these carpets, having them restored could be easier and cheaper.

How are damaged carpets repaired?

The process for carpet repairs will depend on the type of damage.

If a damaged carpet is wrinkled, buckled, or loose, it needs to be re-stretched. This damage usually comes from heavy foot traffic, moving heavy items, or incorrect installation. Re-stretching will fix all of these problems and reduce the risk of tripping.

Damaged carpets that have been stained, ripped and torn, or burnt can usually be repaired by patching. This involves cutting out the piece of damaged carpet and hot-glueing in a part of matching carpet. Great care must be taken when patching carpet to make sure the design, nap, or pile of the carpet is not affected.

Carpet seams are particularly susceptible to damage. This can be caused by heavy foot traffic, light exposure, age, or incorrect installation, and can become a trip hazard. To repair this damage, carpets need to be trimmed (to remove fraying, etc.), re-stretched and have their seams resealed.

Damaged carpet on stairs can also be repaired by patching. This damage can be caused by feet scuffing on the edge of the stair, pet scratching, or incorrect installation. To fix this, attach new carpet to the detached ends or use it to replace the scratched/damaged area.

What should I do about my damaged carpets?

Before having your damaged carpets replaced, we encourage you to contact our team of professionals at Jena’s Carpet Cleaning on 1300 887 131 to discuss our carpet repair service. We have over 15 years’ experience and can advise you on your carpet’s condition and the best way to get it looking like new again.