How to: Diagnose water damage in the bathroom

Winter officially started earlier this week, and already we have seen bitterly cold temperatures on top of heavy rainfall.

With no end in sight, checking the various rooms in your home for water leakage is of utmost importance, especially the room with the most water used in it – the bathroom.

Bathroom flooding or water damage is a hazardous proposition and requires instant, hygienic treatment, and drying.

Enhancements in materials and technology commonly found in bathrooms have proven to be somewhat water-resistant.

This situation doesn’t mean that you’re safe as these materials mask more severe, structural damages.

We’ve come up with a list below of three things to look for after heavy rainfall, to ensure that your bathroom is free of water damage from Melbourne weather patterns.

Clogged fans

Stuck or clogged up ventilation fans can be a sign of the presence of damage caused by flooding or excessive rainfall.

While we usually locate them embedded in the roof, ventilation fans that appear broken can also show water being present within the walls of your bathroom.

It is dangerous as it could have affected the electric circuiting of your home.

Overly soft floors and walls

If your floors and walls are soft, then you could have experienced varying water damage.

This phenomenon typically means that there is standing water lying underneath the walls and floors of your bathroom.

Unfortunately, this is a severe problem to have and will require urgent water damage carpet drying.


Perhaps the most precise and dangerous sign of water damage in your bathroom is the appearance of any tiled surfaces as bloated or blistered.

A key identifier of this is the grout, and it’s essential that you check the condition of the caulking when looking to diagnose any potential flood damage.

Blistering is dangerous as, because of the composition of grout, mould and mildew are soon to emerge.

With considerable experience, spanning over a decade and a half, we are best placed to provide you with comprehensive and affordable services for water damage restoration.

Not only can we hygienically treat the affected areas, but we can also ensure the complete cleanup of the room.

We are also available on call 24/7, so if you experience flooding in your home – no matter what time of the night – pick up the phone and call your local restoration experts on 1300 887 131.