Structure Drying Services in Melbourne

Natural calamities such as tropical storms, floods, rains can cause extensive damage to your structural foundation. Jena’s cleaning services can help in structural drying and complete structural restoration services at your affected premies.

Water damage is an emergency situation and can be hazardous if untreated for a few hours. It builds up the bad odour and moisture increases the chances of growth of mould and mildew which often grows on damp surface.

Structure drying kitchen wood cabinets
structure drying ceiling roof

Structure drying process tackles the water damage areas and treat them to ensure they are brought to its pristine condition.

This process takes longer time as it takes time to dry the affected areas of carpet, sub-floors and surrounding structure.

We also need to continually monitor and evaluate the situation for further processing.

The structure drying method also eliminates the moisture from the carpet and surrounding structures including the ceilings. We use Hydro-X extractor unit to extract water from the structures.

Faster drying tools are used to provide effective and efficient faster drying along with air-dryers to ensure good air-flow that also helps in removing moisture from structures.

structure drying in Melbourne

For efficient and faster structural drying in Melbourne, contact Jena’s today on 1300 887 131. Our restoration experts are certified and knowledgable to carry out structure drying effectively.

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We also provide steam cleaning and carpet repair in Melbourne at affordable rates.