Terms and Conditions

Jena’s Carpet Cleaning has the right to make changes to the terms and conditions that have been listed here at any time without any prior notice. These terms which have been listed on our website would supersede the others which might have been issued. By ordering the services of Carpet Cleaning, the client would agree to the terms and conditions that have been listed here. In the event of any problems with these terms, the client would have to contact our team before the job is carried out. Once the job starts, it would be considered that the client has accepted all of the terms and conditions that are listed here. This would also mean that the client has agreed to the quote submitted with regards to the services requested by them.

The terms and conditions listed here would be governed by the local relevant jurisdiction and when you agree to these conditions, you would also be agreeing to this fact.


Any breakable items or fragile items at home must be secured or should be removed from the site by the customer before the job commences. If there are any heavy items which cannot be removed due to any reason, then the cleaning job would be done around the heavy item. The client should empty and then remove all of these items before the team of Jenas Carpet Cleaning arrives at the location. If there is any furniture on the site which has not yet been taken care of, the cleaning would be done around it. We can remove the furniture for the client, upon request, but the responsibility would be the client’s fully.

If there is any furniture which has been designed to not be moved when it is heavy, then any damage that might take place would also be at the risk of the client. We do not accept the responsibility of any damage in such instances. We also have the right to not take the responsibility if any work is not completed or carried out as per satisfaction if there is no hot water or lack of power at the site or if there are pets or other persons at the site re-soiling or causing damage to the cleaned area or carpet once the cleaning has been carried out.


Jenas Carpet Cleaning will take the responsibility of bringing all the material for cleaning and the right equipment for carrying out the job. We would use the best equipment to carry out the task as per the satisfaction of our clients professionally. We make sure that the task would be done with high quality standards. Hot water and power should be supplied by the client and if any work is left unfinished or is not done correctly because of the failure to provide these would not be any responsibility. If the appointment has to be scheduled for a later date due to this reason, a cancellation charge would be applicable.

Upholstery and furnishings

There might be upholstery or furnishings which are not designed in a way that they can be cleaned later. However, if you request us to clean such furnishings, we would follow the standard procedures followed by the industry for the purpose. We would take the necessary precautions and care to ensure that the work is done the right way. However, there might be damage in the process. Since there are quite a lot of factors affecting the damage like the soiling, the type of fibres and fabrics used, environmental conditions or any existing damage, Jenas Carpet Cleaning would not be responsible for any nicked wood trim, loose buttons, missing buttons, loose frames and legs, existing damage, water marking, yellowing, fading, stain removal, browning, shrinkage, breakdown of the backing, broken zips, frayed piping, welting, urine contamination finish loss, loss of glaze, white fabric damage, unstable dyes, cushion deterioration, migration marks, ageing or deterioration.


With professional cleaning process, if the right cleaning solutions and systems have been used there should not be any colour loss, colour changes, bleeding or any other type of damage. We would ensure that the fabric and the colours are first tested and inspected well to check the type of fabric and see if it might lead to any colour process because of the cleaning process. Special care would be taken to make sure that maximum soil is removed without risking the colour of the fabric.

Special note

If the fibres or the fabric are very soiled, all the soil and the stains might not be released without some damage to the colours.
The stains or any existing colour problems might be hidden if there is too much soil. In such events, these problems would only be visible once the cleaning has been done.


Almost all fabrics have care labels sewn on them. These instructions are to be followed by the client for ensuring that the fabric is properly maintained. However, if the client has not maintained the fabric well or if there is excessive soil, you might have to consider professional cleaning methods which might be different from the recommendations of the manufacturer. We would seek the permission of our clients before we start the work. We would also inform you the limitations and if there are any risks involved with these cleaning process. If there is any damaged caused during the cleaning process, it would not be the responsibility of the company.

Edgings and seams

It would be necessary that the seams and the edgings of the carpets must be fitted the right way. The client would be responsible for making sure that this is done before the cleaning process starts. If any edgings or the seams are not secured when the work starts and if there is any damage in the process of if the loose yarns get caught up in the equipment or are pulled out, it would not be the responsibility of Jenas Carpet Cleaning.


There might be shrinkage in case the fabric has been exposed to a lot of moisture. This would be especially true if the fabric is made from mostly natural fibres. Shrinkage might occur due to the attempts of the clients at cleaning, any accidents or spotting. Jenas Carpet Cleaning will ensure that the shrinkage is avoided in most cases. We would check and identify fabrics which are prone to shrinkage. However, in some cases this might occur due to poorly repaired or replaced seams, edgings in carpets or fabrics. Jenas Carpet Cleaning would not be responsible for shrinkage that occurs due to any such existing problems.

Leather or fabric deterioration

Leather which has been subjected to heavy use, heavy soiling and strong light would weaken with time and deteriorate. The fabrics which are made from totally natural fibres would also be sensitive to the damage.


Fabrics or any oxidised floors which have been coated with a thick layer of heavy waxy soil could disguise a few problems which would not be visible until the cleaning process has been done. Problems like colour loss, splitting fabric, fraying fabric, loose or worn fibres would be disguised in such cases. Jenas Carpet Cleaning will not be responsible for these conditions.
Excessive damage can also be done due to unstable dye. The main erosion or problem can be disguised due to greasy soil which tends to completely coat the surface of the fabric and the leather. We would not be held responsible for any erosion or flaking which occurs due to these existing conditions.

Fibre Protectors

Any fibre protection products that would be used by Jenas Carpet Cleaning would only be used as per the manufacturer instructions. These products are not claimed to provide complete protection against moisture but they can provide short term protection to the carpet and fabric. There would be no guarantee that these products would be able to avoid all moisture related damaged. This fact would be informed to our clients before they provide us the permission to use the protectors and it would be made clear whenever a client requests for this service.

All protectors would only work short time and over a longer period of time their effectiveness would wear off. You would have to consider this fact before you allow us to use these products. Jenas Carpet Cleaning will not be responsible for the limitations or the risks involved in using these products. If there are any complications or issues from using the product, the client would have to contact the product manufacturer directly.


Clients are free to cancel their appointments or re-schedule them at a later date. However, this would have to be done at least a day before the appointment. There would be a cancellation charge if the client fails to provide us a one day notice for loss coverage. Jenas Carpet Cleaning would also charge a cancellation fee if our team arrives at your location and is unable to enter your property if the client is not available after agreeing to the appointed time for the cleaning job.


The client would be responsible for payment immediately after the work is complete. Payments can be made through cheque or cash and the invoice would either be posted or immediately handed over. Commercial clients would have a 30 day payment term. There would be a 10% late payment fee on failure to make timely payments. Any cost that is incurred because of late payment perusal would also have to be paid by the client.