How to Stop Phenolic Yellowing Before it’s too Late!

Ever lifted a rug or moved a couch, and noticed a yellow colour of the carpet underneath?

This is called phenolic yellowing and is a bi-product of off-gassing VOC’s.

For those who missed our article about volatile organic compounds, when VOC’s react with the atmosphere, they emit a gas.

This gas, if trapped, can discolour the fabric around it. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is irreversible!

However, there are fairly easy ways to avoid the dreaded phenolic yellowing process.

Below, we have listed three expert carpet cleaning tips that will help you avoid this discolouration of your carpet, leaving it looking as fresh and as new as the day you bought it.

Purchasing Low VOC Emitting Carpets

VOC emissions have been kept as low as possible in recent times, thanks to improved manufacturing processes and materials used in the creation of carpets.

When buying a new carpet, ask the provider on the capacity of the carpet to reduce VOC emissions to as little as possible.

Although you may still have to deal with the prospect of VOC gases, the less they occur, the better off your carpet will be, even in maintaining it.

Moving Furniture or rugs and Allowing the Carpet to Breathe

As the main cause of phenolic yellowing is the trapping of gases, occasionally letting the area ventilate can reduce the possibility of it occurring.

The threat of VOC’s dissipate over time, as there are only a finite amount of these compounds found in carpet, and as such, this would only be required upon first purchasing your carpet.

It can benefit the fibres itself too, as releasing the pressure put on them by rugs and chairs can make them stronger.

Regular Steam Cleaning

Frequent cleaning of your new carpet with chairs and rugs can help to remove the problem of phenolic yellowing.

Carpet steam cleaning, in particular, draws out many of these gases during the process, and by hygienically cleaning the area, can improve and remove the possibility of VOC gases causing nausea or headaches.

This process of steam cleaning can also refresh the fibres trapped underneath a rug or any piece of furniture.

We have provided tailored solutions for carpet steam cleaning for over a decade and a half, are best placed to help minimise the threat of phenolic yellowing before it becomes permanent.

We can also advise you on the best ways to maintain your carpet so that the VOC’s can react as intended without being trapped.

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