Tips for Keeping Carpet Clean During Winter

Melbourne winter is a messy and cold season in which moisture of snow and frost is regularly trapped in your house. The snow and ice like your carpets and leave wet stains and spots on them. These spots look bad and need immediate treatment.

Common stains of winter come from dirty slush or snow and road salt or a shot from the wood burning cooktop or a chimney corner.

You can invest in a good quality durable mats to absorb debris, moisture, and soil. Ensure that mats are clean so debris can’t end up in your house. Here are some tips for keeping the carpet clean during winter.

Remove Salt Stains

  • Mix ½ of white vinegar and ½ of warm water in one spray bottle. You can also use a detergent dishwashing solution, but it may not work effectively.
  • Spray your stained area with this solution. If you don’t have any spray bottle, you can directly pour some quantity of this mixture in the area.
  • Use a cloth or brush or to gently mix the salt to the carpet’s surface.
    Press a clean or dry towel over the wet location, dab gently to avoid force on the stain in the carpet.
  • You must follow with a dry or wet vacuum to remove additional solution or salt.
  • Arrange proper ventilation in this area to remove the strong smell of vinegar.

Tackle Slush Stains and Dirty Snow

  • For frozen slush or snow, use a dry cloth to remove extra from the carpet.
  • Mix soap and warm water and apply to the affected area with a clean fabric. Slowly press the fabric on your carpet to eradicate the stain and work from exterior to the middle to remove the stain.
  • Rinse carpet with some cold water and use a dry and clean towel to dry.
  • Once your carpet is dry, you can vacuum up remaining dirt.

Eliminate Stains of Soot

  • Vacuum extra soot with a vacuum hose to avoid grinding ash in your carpet.
  • Scatter baking soda, cornstarch, baby powder or another absorbent on the stain and wait for almost 1 to 2 hours before vacuuming this area again.
  • Use a laundering solvent like acetone, commercial cleaner, rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits and apply it on a fabric to let it gently blot. Work from edges of a stain to the middle until this stain disappears.
  • Use one dry sponge to blot carpet to absorb the liquid completely. Arrange proper ventilation until the rug is dry.

Vacuum Frequently

Vacuuming a carpet is an important method that you will need to clean your carpet.

Carefully stick to your carpet cleaning schedule so you can avoid deep cleaning in the winter to remove debris.

Spot cleaning dyes from traced in mud from snow and ice will avoid those becoming permanent locations on floors.

Protection from Stain

If you want to prevent carpet stains, you must use a doormat that your colleagues and guests will use to rub their feet before entering your office or house.

You must designate a particular space to keep their shoes. Keep all walkways clear of dirt and slush and generate a specific area for coat and shoes to dry. This area must be away from carpets.

Instant Spot Treatment

It is easy to remove fresh spots with the use of white vinegar and water.

Use a clean and dry towel to blot out each spot so you can avoid rubbing a carpet deeper into its fibers.

You can use soft brushes to remove any stain or spot from your carpet gently.

Even after removing a spot, the dry salt may remain.

Vacuum this spot to eradicate remaining debris from fibers.