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Here at Jena’s Carpet Cleaning, we are proud to be able to offer some of the best carpet cleaning and restoration services in the West Melbourne region.

With years of industry experience and one of the best reputations in the business, we have the skills and know-how to get the job done on time, every time.

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We offer 24/7 emergency service in the West Melbourne region

If you’ve had an emergency and require immediate carpet cleaning, we’re here to help. At Jena’s, we offer a range of emergency carpet cleaning services in West Melbourne to reduce the risk of costly or permanent damage to your carpets and floor coverings.

Often, the key to cleaning stains or spills from carpets is getting to them as soon as possible after they happen. You might have spilled something, have had a water leak or burst pipe, or had an accident with your pets or young children.

Whatever the problem, we have the skills and experience to help. Give us a call as soon as possible and our professional team will assess the situation and attend immediately if required.

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Our West Melbourne service list is huge

At Jena’s Carpet Cleaning we have come to realise that there’s no one size fits all solution to carpet cleaning and repairs. We, therefore, offer a huge range of different services in West Melbourne, with fully trained staff and professional grade equipment to match.

Some of our most popular services include:

General stain removal – Even the smallest stains can detract from your carpets and floor coverings, giving them a worn low-quality appearance. However, you’re in luck. Using industry accepted cleaning techniques, we can remove stains from your carpets and other floor coverings quickly and affordably, restoring them to like-new condition.

Complete carpet cleans – If your carpets are getting a bit old and worn then they could benefit from a quick clean. Our friendly team can help by cleaning and drying your floors with our professional equipment, removing dirt and odours. We can even provide a quick-dry service if needed!

Water damage cleaning and restoration – Water damage can have significant negative impacts on your floors, leaving them stained and musty smells. Upon inspection of your West Melbourne property, we can work with you to develop a cleaning solution that will remove stains, eliminate bacteria and mouldy smells, dry off any remaining moisture and leave your carpets looking clean and smelling great.

Upholstery cleaning – Although we specialise in carpet cleaning, Jena’s team is also highly skilled in the various aspects of furniture and upholstery cleaning. Using gentle cleaning techniques that won’t harm delicate items, we can help you restore your couches, sofas and other pieces of upholstered furniture to like new condition.

Sewage restoration – If you’ve had a run-in with bad drains or ruptured sewage pipes, you need our help. Sewage problems are relatively common, and they can leave your floors smelly, dirty and quite honestly, unsafe to be around. Using industry accepted techniques, our team can help you clean, restore and disinfect any floor areas damaged or affected by a sewage spill (including carpets, hardwood floors, and tiles).

Mould removal – While living in an old Brighton home can have its charm and appeal, you may find that you have a lot of trouble keeping things clean and mould free. Unfortunately, mouldy floorings can have significant negative impacts on your health and wellbeing. If you’re suffering from mould problems, Jena’s Carpet Cleaning can help. We can remove mould from floors and other surfaces, disinfecting and deodorising affected area.

Rug cleaning – Have you or one of your family members had an accident and spilled something on your favourite rug? Don’t stress, with our 24/7 emergency floor cleaning service, we can help you remove stains and return even the highest quality Persian rugs and shag carpets to their original condition.

Tile & grout cleaning – That’s right, Jena’s service isn’t limited to carpets and carpeted areas. We also offer complete steam cleaning and sanitisation of tiled spaces – including kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets – leaving them germ and odour free.

Mattress cleaning – Mattresses are notoriously difficult to clean, which means that you should always employ an expert. We have a dedicated mattress cleaning team with specialist tools and knowledge to remove dirt, mould and any creepy crawlies that might be lurking in your mattress.

Timber floor drying & restoration – Timber floors require immediate attention if they’re affected by water damage or mould, otherwise long-term harm could occur. At Jena’s, we can help you clean and dry your timber floors without leaving permanent water damage or other problems. Our complete cleaning and drying service will also remove any mould and germs living on your floor, preventing future health problems.

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