Beware of Carpet Bald Patches – Why they could be worse than you think?

Bald patches on a carpet, a more common sight in older homes, are often disregarded as being as a result of heavy foot traffic, and indicative of it being time to purchase new carpet.

But did you know that these bald patches can also be caused by a much more sinister problem?

Bald patches for us in the carpet cleaning industry is normally the calling card of the carpet beetle, a small organism that amazingly has the capacity to eat and digest natural fabric carpets!

Carpet beetles are commonly found in carpets with high cotton or wool percentage, feeding off the protein still prevalent in the fibres of these types of carpets, and can multiply and damage your carpet very quickly.

Carpet beetles are very similar to silverfish in the way that they eat and breed, nesting in dark areas where fabric can be found, using it as a source of nourishment, then set down a nest.

Carpet beetles are also fond of silk, and can often “jump” from carpet to fine, silk curtains effortlessly.

If you do have silk curtains and have noticed any bald patches on your carpet, then it is advisable that you inspect your silk curtains for any larvae present.

The larvae are no bigger than a pine nut, and will often be found in clumps attached to the fabric.

What can I Do to Prevent Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles arise from poor maintenance of natural fabric carpets, and regular vacuuming and removal of stains as they occur is vital for prevention against these beetles from appearing. These beetles do not pose any health hazards – their effect is purely cosmetic – so heavy cleaning compounds are not required.

I Think I Already Have Them, how do I Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

If you are under the suspicion that you have a carpet beetle infestation, it is important to vacuum thoroughly the area in which the bald patch has started to occur, and any places where it has spread.

This will remove many of the beetles, however, the main problem is the larvae, which is hard set into the fiber, and will need a much more thorough cleaning process to remove the nest.

Jena’s Carpet Cleaning can boast of extensive experience in the treatment and refurbishment of carpet beetles, and the damage they have caused.

We have provided tailored solutions for carpet cleaning Melbourne, and are available on call 24/7 for your total convenience.

Call us today on 1300 887 131 to obtain your free quote, and let us revitalise your beautiful carpet to its pristine condition.

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I got my carpet repaired and steam cleaned today and it was a perfect job! The staff and Vic were very professional and polite. I would highly recommend this company. Thanks for the great job guys!!
Priscilla DeBattista
Priscilla DeBattista
11:08 08 Feb 20
Vic thank you for your efforts and outstanding work on my carpet cleaning and repairs. I highly recommend using Jena carpet cleaning services. Very professional and helpful operator! Thanks Vic
Dante Oriol
Dante Oriol
23:53 14 Nov 19
Very friendly and reasonably priced, carpet repair barely noticable and done on the same day!
Jade & Ben
Jade & Ben
02:27 31 Oct 19
I had to fix a carpet to get my bond back. I was a bit scared to give the job to anyone as my bond depended on it. Found couple of companies and got quotes from them, one was crazy expensive and another one very cheap (bit dodgy). Both companies with great rating and reviews on their very good looking websites. Then I found Jena's, we call the emergency number and Vic answer the phone. Next day he was repairing the carpet and it was an absolutely artistic job!!! He was very professional, quick, friendly and very good price.The real estate ask for his details as they were very impressed with their professional job. Thanks Vic, you are an artist!
Lilliana Sierra
Lilliana Sierra
03:03 16 May 19
Have tried another cleaner in Melbourne earlier and it was not up to the required standards. Vic was amazing and did a good job above my expectations. He has a wealth of knowledge and can clean multiple types of stains. Highly recommended.
Stephen Bennett
Stephen Bennett
14:23 15 Apr 19
We have just had our carpet cleaned through Jenas Carpet Cleaning. I must say they have done a fantastic job. The carpets looks fresh and cleaner than ever before. We recommend this company.
John Peterson
John Peterson
00:49 10 Apr 19
I got Vic from Google and he did an amazing job removing pet and wine stains from our carpet at a great price. My carpets now looks brand new. Thanks again, Vic.
Terry Lewis
Terry Lewis
00:52 02 Apr 19