What could you do about carpet beetle?

Carpet beetles can severely damage your carpets, clothing and any other fabric. Getting rid of these persistent pests is a challenge. You have to use right practices and tools to eliminate carpet beetles in your house and avoid their come back. You can start by thoroughly vacuuming your upholstered furniture and carpets.

Look for towels, linens, and clothes that may be eaten away; you have to discard them to avoid infiltration from spreading. It is essential to wash non-infested linens with soapy and hot water. If the beetles continue, try to spray your upholstered furniture and carpets with insecticides especially designed to kill beetles in the carpet.

Identify the Beetles in Carpet

In the first step, you have to acquaint yourself with communal clues that specify a potential problem of carpet beetle and increase your awareness about the look of carpet beetles.

Shed skins and faecal pellets are common indications of infestation. You may expect carpet beetles in larvae and adult forms.

The adult beetles are little larger than the head of a pin and over-shaped. They may come in different colours, but numerous have a form of black and brown or gray and black patterns. Some varieties have white or yellow lines on the back.

Carpet beetles roll over and move slowly when you touch them. The larvae of carpet beetle have specific brown bands on their body with hair-like extensions toward both sides.

Find Out Source of Problem

You have to look for faecal pellets, cast skins, and carpet beetles because these are a clear indication that carpet beetles are around in a heavy concentration.

Carpet beetles like fabric so you can find them in carpet, especially in a dark location or closet. They like items made of feathers and fur, upholstered furniture and clothing. They also attract toward paintbrushes, fresh flowers, dog food, and food cabinets.

Make sure to check undistributed and dark locations like attics, baseboards, and air ducts.

Indoor Treatment

You can treat carpet beetle with several indoor treatments, such as vacuum your carpet, throw away any infested garment, wash fabric, set traps and apply insecticide.

Vacuum Your Carpet

You have to vacuum carpeted locations in your house thoroughly. Pay attention to the primary source of the infestation, but vacuum the whole house to remove all beetles. You have to vacuum upholstered furniture and any other area covered with fabric that is difficult to wash in your washing machine.

While having the beetle infestation, you must vacuum your house almost once in a day for one week or even more. You have to vacuum numerous times in a day as per the status of infestation.

Throw Away and Wash Garments

Any item eaten or destroyed by carpet beetle must be thrown away. By keeping these garments in your house, you are increasing the risk of infestation. Even if your material doesn’t have carpet beetles, it still has some risk.

If your clothes are not stored in airtight vessels, you must wash them in hot and soapy water. Towels and linens must be washed in the washing machine in hot soapy water. Hot water can remove carpet beetles effectively than cold water.

Use Insecticide

You have to use dust or spray that is labeled to kill carpet beetles and carefully follow the instructions on the label. The insecticides for carpet treatment contain allethrin, bendiocarb, and chlorpyrifos.

Other than full carpet treatment, you can apply spot treatments in crevices and cracks. Add insect growth regulator (IGR) to standard insecticide during application. It acts as the birth control for beetles and prevents their reproduction.

Moreover, you can put glue traps around crevices, cracks and others areas where you suspect the origin of infestation.