WHOOPS! Will YOUR Carpet Shrink?

Hiring one of the best-trained carpet cleaners has led to many stories. Although there are lots of experiences that have led to a lot of myths and false impression about hiring an expert to clean your carpets and one of them is – CARPET SHRINKAGE.

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Here are a few reasons why carpets shrink after a cleaning.

• Natural fiber carpets like wool are more prone to shrinkage. The best carpet cleaner understands about the carpet fibre with the experience and carpet cleaning skills. The carpet cleaner in Melbourne has special knowledge of how to care for natural fibres of the carpet.
• If you are unsure of about your carpet fabric, then ensure to tell carpet cleaning professional and they help you determine that.
Today many carpets are made of synthetic fibres and the possibility of carpet shrinkage is very less. A little amount of shrinkage could occur if too much moisture is present in the carpet.
• This is a very common factor among new cleaners those are not being trained properly in the right way to steam clean a carpet.
• Too much water is utilised at time of cleaning and insufficient extraction is performed; the carpet is bogged down with water and shrinkage happens.

Hiring the right carpet cleaner is very vital when approaching to expert carpet cleaning. Jena’s carpet cleaning is a reputable carpet, upholstery and water extraction company in Melbourne. Have trust, knowing that you have hired carpet cleaner in Melbourne with the best in cleaning equipment to get the task done the right way with best quality results.