Cleaning Services in Kew

Carpet Cleaning in Kew

The maintenance of carpets, both inexpensive and expensive ones can be quite a task. They will last you for long only if you hire a professional cleaner of carpets. Apart from spoiling the look of your home, dirty carpets also have health hazards. However, you do not need to worry if you seek help from us in South-East Melbourne.

The technicians at Jena’s Carpet Cleaning are experts in cleaning couches, lounge, sofas, upholstery in Kew. From Linen to Tapestry, we clean it all in one swift motion.

The very best carpet cleaners in Kew

Our pride is our service to our customers. Every technician at our company is trained with the most advanced tools and methods to deliver the very best service to you.

When you hire us, we understand that you have placed your trust in us, and this is more than just a business transaction for us.

Carpet cleaning and repair

We steam clean carpets to remove any types of stains, odours, and mould from them. This extends the durability of rugs and makes them look like new. Plus, we provide carpet repairs to customers.

Often new carpets require a bit of mending here and there to be restored to their original form. From redoing carpet seams, re-stretching, installation, fraying, burns, and repairing patches to the removal of bubbles, we provide all types of carpet repair services.

Other cleaning services

Upholstery cleaning is required to be done with precision because expert cleaners can remove deep-set stains, stale, or damp odour. We do it in such a way that your upholstery will look as good as new.

Rug cleaning is vital because there can often be a build-up of bacteria, which needs to be cleaned from time to time. The fabric needs to be maintained by specialised people whom we have at our very own company. Ask for it, and we will be there.

Tile and grout cleaning can be real harassment if you are not an expert. So, why take the pain when we have professionals to take care of that job for you? Our experts can get rid of all the stains and marks on your tiles and grout lines.

We also excel in mattress cleaning, wherein we get rid of dirt, unwanted pet hairs, dead skin flakes, dust, pests, bed bugs, dust mites, bacteria, and viruses from mattresses. This will keep your mattress clean and safe to sleep on.

Another headache can be wet carpets at home from flood or water damage. Mould can form on your carpets and rugs if the water is not dried immediately. We have a technical team that takes care of such cleaning and leaves your property smelling as fresh as ever in no time.

Some other services provided by us include water damage cleaning, wet carpet restoration, flood damage restoration, rug cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet repair, sewage cleaning, anti-bacterial treatment, fire and smoke restoration, structure drying, odour control, mould remediation, and timber floor drying.

What benefits can you get from Jena’s Carpet Cleaning?

You can call us round the clock and we will provide all kinds of cleaning services. Be it a commercial site or your residence, we will make it look spic and span with our expert cleaning of your carpets.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction of the customers and can reach anywhere in Kew within the span of an hour.

Here are some advantages you can avail if you hire us:

  • Quality of materials used in cleaning: We know that your carpets are precious to you and that is why we make sure that only the best quality detergents are used o clean them.
  • Trained staff: The staff at Jena’s Carpet Cleaning is very friendly and trained to solve the issue you are facing. They make sure that they provide you with the very best of services.
  • High-tech cleaning tools: The carpet cleaning tools that we use are of the best quality in the market. From removal of stains to hair and germs, we take care of everything.
  • Inexpensive services: Our Status as one of the best carpet cleaners in and around Kew does not mean we will charge you in gold. We make sure that you get a good deal by hiring us where you do not have to invest a lot of money. It’s quality over quantity!

If you are looking for carpet cleaning in South Melbourne, no need to hesitate, just get in touch with our steam cleaning Melbourne team today.