12 Effective Carpet Cleaning Tips

Do you often get puzzled when you need to make a selection for the carpet cleaning company?

We portray some expert tips and tricks regarding the cleaning of your carpet.

Rug cleaning may also work within this approach as well:

1. Treat Stains with Care

It is an obvious phenomenon of stain happening on the carpets. As a result, you need to take corrective measures to clear these stains. Rubbing and scrubbing aggressively only weakens the carpet’s fibers and can lead to a stain becoming permanent.

2.‘Plaster’ Your Stain 

Once a stain is properly pressed and handled, always keep a dry cloth on top of the stain overnight with some pressure.

3. Avoid Heat

Do not keep any hot cloth over the stain or try to apply heat on to the fresh stain.

4. Bleach and Lemon Juice

Dye without chlorine and lemon juice have turned out to be especially powerful with mould buildup.

5. Do Not Leave Spills

One gets the best results when you react quickly to the spills. So, do react quickly to any spills.

6. Keep it Clean

A few stains are the after-effect of the rubbing/crushing in of everyday dirt. Vacuum the floor covering routinely to minimise the chance of this happenings.

7. Keep Dirt Out of the Area

Specialists have been stating for a considerable length of time that in the event that you put entryway mats and so forth outside of the room, you will minimise the measure of dirt entering the house.

8. Start with Hot Water

High-temperature water ought to be the primary substance utilised on a spill. It uproots the stain before it implants in the floor covering filaments.

9. Club Soda

For especially famous stains, for example, red wine, club soda has been appeared to be extremely powerful. Use promptly after the spill happens.

10. Professional Help

In the event that you are uncertain of how to continue with any issue with your carpets, don’t hesitate to look for expert help.

It’s generally a superior choice to spend cash on the carpet cleaning. Contact Jena’s Carpet Cleaning to schedule a consultation.

11. Stain Removal

Taking care of stains on your rug successfully will guarantee they don’t come back.

While managing stains abstain from rubbing the stains promptly as this will just spread them out. It is dependably a smart thought to have a stain remover within reach, as it expands the shot of totally disposing of the stains.

12. Cleaning Products

At the point when cleaning the carpets, utilize gentle cleaning items as the harsh ones might diminish the lifespan of your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning is key to make it keep going longer. Cleaning the carpets may be somewhat of a challenge and hence it is best left in the hands of professionals.

Customer Reviews
Jena's Carpet Cleaning
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We had bath overflow and all our bedroom carpet was wet. We called jenas cleaning. They responses in no time and arrived. They also help us with our insurance claim. We are really thankful to vic and his team for all their help.
monal patel
monal patel
10:45 21 May 20
Jena's carpet cleaning and the team work wonders !They did a brilliant job cleaning and repairing our carpet for end of lease.If you want the best service / price - look no further.Their quote was the best, and the service perfect.Go team.
Alec Jolliffe
Alec Jolliffe
01:34 21 May 20
Vik was awesome - very easy to communicate with, rescheduled my appointment without a problem when I was unable to make the original time. He arrived at 9am promptly. He worked around my needs to leave early and emailed me a copy of the receipt. Additionally, I had an old coffee stain on my carpet that I had ill-advisedly treated with a high PH chemical solution. Vik was able to restore it to unnoticeable condition - it really looks as good as new. Really really pleased with his work and professionalism and would highly recommend his services!!
Gabbie Smith
Gabbie Smith
09:29 20 May 20
Jena's carpet cleaning have steam-cleaned my carpets many times over several years. Always does a great job, and at a very reasonable price. Experienced, knowledgeable, professional & amiable.
Kara R
Kara R
05:06 09 Apr 20
Thankyou so much for your amazing help during the storm damage to my carpet. Vic and his team were very professional , prompt , understanding and impressive. I am so grateful and would highly recommend this company. My sincere thanks!!!
Mandy Corbel
Mandy Corbel
02:30 25 Feb 20
I got my carpet repaired and steam cleaned today and it was a perfect job! The staff and Vic were very professional and polite. I would highly recommend this company. Thanks for the great job guys!!
Priscilla DeBattista
Priscilla DeBattista
11:08 08 Feb 20
Vic thank you for your efforts and outstanding work on my carpet cleaning and repairs. I highly recommend using Jena carpet cleaning services. Very professional and helpful operator! Thanks Vic
Dante Oriol
Dante Oriol
23:53 14 Nov 19
Very friendly and reasonably priced, carpet repair barely noticable and done on the same day!
Jade & Ben
Jade & Ben
02:27 31 Oct 19
I had to fix a carpet to get my bond back. I was a bit scared to give the job to anyone as my bond depended on it. Found couple of companies and got quotes from them, one was crazy expensive and another one very cheap (bit dodgy). Both companies with great rating and reviews on their very good looking websites. Then I found Jena's, we call the emergency number and Vic answer the phone. Next day he was repairing the carpet and it was an absolutely artistic job!!! He was very professional, quick, friendly and very good price.The real estate ask for his details as they were very impressed with their professional job. Thanks Vic, you are an artist!
Lilliana Sierra
Lilliana Sierra
03:03 16 May 19
Have tried another cleaner in Melbourne earlier and it was not up to the required standards. Vic was amazing and did a good job above my expectations. He has a wealth of knowledge and can clean multiple types of stains. Highly recommended.
Stephen Bennett
Stephen Bennett
14:23 15 Apr 19
We have just had our carpet cleaned through Jenas Carpet Cleaning. I must say they have done a fantastic job. The carpets looks fresh and cleaner than ever before. We recommend this company.
John Peterson
John Peterson
00:49 10 Apr 19
I got Vic from Google and he did an amazing job removing pet and wine stains from our carpet at a great price. My carpets now looks brand new. Thanks again, Vic.
Terry Lewis
Terry Lewis
00:52 02 Apr 19
Had a terrible accident with the dog on brand new carpet. Vic was excellent. Carpet looks good as new.Posted By: Cuong Do
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